One Little Lie – Christopher Greyson

Kate Gardner is a newly single mother, in a new town, trying to cope with a sudden divorce, and the angst of seeing her ex-husband Scott flaunt his new relationship, while she tries to pick up the pieces, keep her sanity and maintain an air of normalcy for her children.  While at her son’s soccer game, Kate sends a drone into the air on a test flight, only to have it fall, striking her in the head and knocking her to the ground. Mortified, she keeps silent as bystanders search for the drone’s owner, with her son asking to keep it, in hopes of finding the owner on video. 

The next morning, two police officers arrive, prepared to investigate the incident. Embarrassed about her lie of omission, Kate keeps quiet about the drone’s origin while they question her about yesterday’s events. As they review footage from the drone’s flight, it quickly becomes apparent that someone has been taking an unusual interest in Kate. An unrecognizable male figure in a blue cap is seen lurking in much of the footage captured.  From that point on, things just seem to escalate, and Kate fears she’s losing her mind…

First, Scott informs her that he wants custody of the children, then her vehicle is vandalized, and she loses her job. A trip to school to pick up her children leads to humiliation and the knowledge that someone is out to destroy her…but who? The stalker, or someone much closer to home? As tensions mount, Kate discovers that she has two unexpected allies – and she’ll need every bit of their help to unravel the lies and deception that surround her…

This is my second novel by Christopher Greyson, and I read it straight through in a single sitting – I just couldn’t put it down! The storyline grabs you from the start and the hits just keep on coming as the pages turn. The characters provoked a lot of emotion – some you just loved to hate, and while I has guessed at who the protagonist was, I was still stunned at as I read the last few pages. Was happy to see a nod to my other favorite Greyson character in there as well!  A riveting read, great for the beach, or a stormy day, cause you won’t want to put it down!! 

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The Bullet – Iris Johansen

Diane Connors, a trained physician and the ex-wife of Joe Quinn, has stumbled upon what could possibly be a ‘panacea’ – a treatment that could cure all ills. Equally determined to stop her is Joshua Nalam, a wealthy businessman with ties to pharmaceuticals and the President. After a daring theft of some files, Nalam has set his sights on eliminating Diane – who has no one else to turn to but Eve Duncan & Joe Quinn. 

For the past couple of years, Diane has lived on Hakali Island, with Alon, the owner of the land. Alon’s brother Kai has been missing, abducted by Nalam. In a fit of rage, Nalam claimed to have killed Kai and left his body in pieces, in the remote Montana wilderness. Diane is desperate to locate Kai’s body, and with Eve’s assistance in forensic sculpting, to bring Kai home to his brother once and for all.  

But from the start, things spiral out of control. An attempt is made on Diane’s life shortly after arriving to Joe & Eve’s hometown, with CIA Agent and close friend Catherine Ling being injured as a result. Joe & Eve’s son Michael, with his unusual psychic abilities, sees blood and darkness all around Diane. As the truth unfolds, it will take all that Joe & Eve can give, to keep Diane and themselves one step ahead of a madman wanting to silence them all…

It’s been a while since I’ve read an Eve Duncan novel, and judging by the current cast of characters, I’ve missed a few novels in the interim! Eve’s sculpting skill, as readers have come to love, is put to work again in this newest adventure, and while the storyline is somewhat predictable (it IS a series after all), the pages are full of the adventure and suspense you’ve come to expect, with a few surprises tossed in as well – all which I suspect will lead to some fascinating future storytelling! A great read – and I’ve you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Eve Duncan & Joe Quinn, there’s no time like the present to get to know them!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Grand Central Publishing  in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!

The Burning Girls – Rita Herron

It’s summertime in the sleepy Appalachian town of Crooked Creek, and Detective Ellie Reeves has been summoned to the scene of a wildfire, where the body of a woman has been found, surrounded by a circle of stone and burned beyond recognition. In addition to this new investigation, Ellie has some personal business to work through – she has recently learned that she was adopted.

Furious with her parents, and heartsick over the ‘lie’ of her childhood, as well the recent destruction of her family home in a fire, Ellie is trying to sort out all of her options. A call to the social worker goes unanswered – and the next day, Ellie learns that the social worker has seemingly disappeared, and a search of her home yields no clues as to where she might have gone. 

The next day, a second body is found by some teenagers, also burned and surrounded by a ring of rocks. Readily identified by the teens who found her, Ellie and her team hope to make some progress in the case as they go to notify her parents. In doing so, Ellie is troubled by the family dynamics she sees and leaves the home with more questions than answers. 

As the investigation kicks into high gear and another body is discovered, Ellie calls on an old friend, FBI Special Agent Derrick Fox to assist. As the investigation begins to yield more information, including some unexpected DNA findings, the team finds themselves with more questions than answers. An arrest in an unrelated assault leads to a possible break in the case, and Ellie and her team find themselves in a race against time – and a killer who will stop at nothing…

Another great new series find thanks to Netgalley & Bookouture!  This novel takes off running and doesn’t let up until the last page is turned. While easily read as a stand-alone, the references to prior traumatic events have be anxious to read the preceding books of the series! I will be anxiously awaiting the next installments in Ellie’s story!  

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Her Ocean Grave – Dana Perry

Detective Abby Pearce may be new to the Cedar Cliff’s Police Department on Martha’s Vineyard, but she’s no stranger to the area. Having grown up on the island, a traumatic event in her teens had her leaving for the mainland as soon as she could, where she became a first-rate homicide investigator for the NYPD. Then her partner was killed right in front of her, and she turned to alcohol for solace, and lost everything she loved. 

Now she’s newly sober, and eager to prove herself to her peers on Martha’s Vineyard, when the call comes in that a teenaged girl is missing. Samantha Claymore hasn’t been seen since she took off for a bicycle ride around the island and never made it home. The daughter of a cosmetic company entrepreneur & socialite, there are fears for her safety, and those fears are realized when a ransom demand comes in. 

As Abby and their team conduct their investigation, Abby delves into Sam’s background, learning of her ambivalence regarding the accident that took her father’s life several years ago, and the resulting fear of water.  A review of her computer reveals little information, but an encrypted file piques Abby’s interest. Surveillance video shows Sam out shopping before her mysterious disappearance, and her best friend Bridget has little to add, other than to tell Abby that Sam wasn’t convinced her father’s death was an accident. 

As Abby digs deeper, she uncovers a few more disappearances over the last several years, all young women, who were presumed to be runaways or had drowned.  Visits to their family members reveal strange reactions, an unwillingness to talk, and her Chief is less than enthusiastic when she considers the possibility of a connection.  Then, Bridget disappears…and Abby becomes even more convinced that there’s something very wrong here on the Vineyard…

This was a great start to a new police/detective procedural series, starring a very flawed young woman who is trying to rebuild her life and regain some trust after some devastating personal losses. I loved the character, I enjoyed her support cast, and I very much hope to see them all return and develop in the next installment of what looks to be a great forthcoming series!! If you’re a series lover like I am, this is. Must add to your reading list!! Highly recommend!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Bookouture in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!