Her Last Whisper – Jennifer Chase


It is Detective Katie Scott’s first day on the job as the leader for the cold case unit for the Pine Valley PD. A young Army veteran, Katie returned home from Afghanistan with her K9 partner, Cisco, and a troubling case of PTSD. Fully rested after her last assignment assisting her uncle, the police chief, Katie is now ready to begin her new assignment. While reviewing some files left for her to review, Katie quickly becomes intrigued with a case involving a young nurse who was found nearly naked and claiming she had been kidnapped. But no crime scene was ever found, and the case was quickly shelved.

As Katie, and her partner McGaven begin to dig, Katie is troubled for the start. The victim will only reluctantly talk to her and appears terrified, fearful that her abductor will get to her, no matter where she hides. Uttering a cryptic clue, “I told the truth” and describing a ‘blue door with white trim’. Shortly thereafter, the victim is found dead, and the case swings into high gear as Katie & McGaven hunt for a killer.

As the investigation ensues, Katie is drawn to a home in an abandoned development, that looks exactly as the victim had described, but with no trace of any crime. As she and McGaven dive deep into the history of the abandoned neighborhood looking for answers, another woman goes missing…and, someone has resorted to leaving clues for Katie – but is he friend or foe?

This is the second in a (hopefully) series of novels featuring Detective Katie Scott and her K9 Cisco. Katie is an engaging, spunky and likeable character with her own flaws as she struggles to overcome her anxiety & panic attacks resulting from her time deployed, as she asserts herself in the civilian law enforcement world. Cisco – well who can resist a spirited dog? A great read, with all of the action, mystery and suspense you’re looking for in a good who-dun-it!! Now I anxiously await the next adventure for this duo!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

I See You – Mary Burton


Nikki McDonald is a disgraced reporter, looking for a big scoop to propel her back into the limelight. So, when she receives a tip that leads her to a burned skeleton in a trunk in an old woman’s storage unit, she’s determined to insert herself into the investigation in hopes of scooping the story.

Special Agent Zoe Spencer is a gifted artist and utilizes her skills as a sculptor to restore identities to murder victims. When she receives the skull from the burned skeleton and gives it a face, her boss recognizes her as a young college co-ed that disappeared in 2001, Marsha Price, whose case had quickly gone cold with no suspects.

Detective William Vaughn is Zoe’s liaison with the Alexandria PD, and occasional lover, who is investigating a messy homicide scene when he receives Zoe’s call regarding her Jane Doe. As they re-open the case and begin the investigation, one of their first visits is to Marsha’s sister Hadley, who is astonished at the discovery. As Vaughn & Zoe dig deeper into the past, Hadley and her daughter Skylar suddenly go missing…and a murderer starts killing again, or did he ever stop??

This was a great read, as are all of Mary Burton’s novels. I was sucked right in within the first couple of pages, and quickly became engrossed in discovering just who the protagonist would turn out to be! This one kept me up well into the night! Well worth the read!!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Stay – Catherine Ryan Hyde


Lucas Painter is a teenager in the Vietnam era and his older brother Roy is off fighting in the war. His letters come back with many redactions, leaving Lucas very unsettled. His parents are continually fighting, and the loud arguments send Lucas out for solace. His best friend Connor struggles with the quiet in his home, along with the sheer emotional distance that has grown between his parents, spending much of each day alone in his room, resisting most invitations to leave the house.

So, to entertain himself, Lucas explores the undeveloped forest behind his neighborhood, following small trails that deer and other creatures have made to the nearby river. Then on one such day, Lucas stumbles across a cabin deep in the forest, complete with pick up truck parked nearby – and a doghouse. He then finds himself face to face with two large dogs, and he takes off running, with both dogs crashing behind him in pursuit. It’s not until he trips and falls that he realizes the dogs were enjoying the run, not chasing him down – and Lucas discovers a joy for running. It quickly becomes a daily routine. Until one morning he finds the dogs pacing and scratching at the door – and quickly discovers a woman lying in bed who doesn’t respond to his yells and banging…

Shortly thereafter, Lucas meets the woman he saved, Zoe Dinsmore, and learns of the tragedy that surrounds her, discovering that she perhaps didn’t want to be saved. An unlikely companionship ensues, one that they both seemingly need. Meanwhile, a gun has gone missing from Connors household, and no one knows where it’s gone. When Lucas inadvertently discovers the gun, hidden in a vent underneath Connor’s bed, he makes a split-second decision for better or worse, to introduce Connor to Zoe.

Meanwhile, Roy is sent home from Vietnam with a war injury, and an addiction to medications. A brooding version of his former self, he eventually allows Lucas to maneuver him into attending NA meetings, where eventually he shares his story and Lucas learns first-hand of the horrors his brother has been through. And another participant re-joins the group after a long absence, much to Lucas’s surprise.

A heartwarming, triumphant story of friendship, perseverance, wisdom & love. The ending was a bit bittersweet for me, but that just made it STAY with me all the longer. Definitely a must read….

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Blind Search – Paula Munier


It’s opening day of hunting season in Vermont. Henry Jenkins, an autistic boy with a fondness for prime numbers and fantasy games, has escaped the housekeeper and her runny eggs, and has run off into the forest in his Batman pajamas, following trails and such in a pattern only he can understand. While covertly following a member of his father’s hunting party, whom he calls a ‘monster slayer’, he trips and falls – and then witnesses something so terrifying that he runs deep into the woods…

Mercy Carr and bomb-sniffing dog Elvis are both retired from the military and attempting to recover from a shared trauma, the loss of Martinez, her fiancé and Elvis’ handler. Mercy, a former MP, is working on her archery skills with her family. Elvis heads out to retrieve a wayward arrow but doesn’t return, prompting Mercy to go looking for him. As she finds him in the forest, he alerts to a female body lying nearby with an arrow sticking out of her chest.

Troy Warner is the local game warden, and he and his K-9, Susie Bear are out chasing poachers when he receives the report of Mercy’s find. Arriving on the scene, they interview members of the hunting party while they await the local law enforcement to arrive. Unfortunately, Detective Kai Harrington has little use for Mercy or Troy, and orders them off of the scene.

Mercy & Tory continue to work the case from the sidelines in a race against time, as they and their dogs try to safeguard Henry, and extract information from the child who doesn’t understand how to communicate what he saw. Then Henry disappears again, with Elvis in tow, and another search is launched, with another body found in the woods…and a kidnapping attempt of Henry is narrowly averted. With a blizzard bearing down on the area, Mercy & Troy look for shelter as they question – were the murders committed by simple poachers? Or is something much more sinister at hand?

Being New England born and bred, I absolutely LOVED this book!! The geography, and the storyline are rich in detail, and the characters are complex, and relatable, as each deal with personal stressors as well. Henry’s character is particularly well written, and gives much insight into autism, from both his perceptions of the world, and how he is perceived. A wonderful read, with fantastic characters, both 2 and 4 legged, and will resonate with you long after the final page is turned. And – it’s a series!!

Just like that, I have a new favorite author!!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.