OMG – This was sooo good!!

Bum Deal – Paul Levine


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Jake Lassiter is a practicing defense attorney, working in South Florida. Along with his partners & best friends, Steve & Victoria, they have made a name for themselves providing defense for anyone who needs it. Jake, being a former football player, and infamous for a play on the field that once cost his team a big game, also appears to be suffering from the beginning stages of CTE.

As this book begins, Jake finds himself irresistibly tempted by an offer from The State’s Attorneys Office of Florida – asking him to ‘switch sides’ and assist with the prosecution of a well-known physician for the murder of his wife. Intrigued, Jake accepts the challenge. The trouble is, there is no body…

As Jake attempts to put together a case, his friends and colleagues are called upon to defend the physician, a former college boyfriend of Victoria’s, pitting the best friends against one another in this high profile case, with a stunning ending!

I’ve not read any of Paul Levine’s work before – and I cannot understand how I could have missed this series. With snappy, laugh-out-loud dialogue and characters that are so well written you want to step right into the pages with them, Bum Deal is a real winner!! I can’t wait to read more of Jake Lassiter’s adventures!! Fabulous book!!