Something In The Water – Catherine Steadman

Something In The Water – Catherine Steadman


Erin & Mark have been a couple for years – finally marrying and honeymooning in Bora Bora. As the novel opens, Erin is digging a grave deep in the woods, and the grave is for her husband Mark. As she labors over the dig, she opts to let the reader decide whether she’s a good or bad person – and then the story begins.

Mask is an investment banker, and Erin is a novice filmmaker, presently working on a documentary about three individuals who are preparing to leave prison to resume normal lives, one of whom is a crime boss. As they celebrate their anniversary of meeting, and planning a wedding, Mark unexpectedly loses his job. With financial pressures now looming, they modify their wedding plans, and opt for a shortened honeymoon to Bora Bora. While enjoying the idyllic atmosphere, they spend time boating and diving – it is on one of those excursions that they find a locked duffle bag floating in the ocean – they retrieve it, intending to turn it in, but giving into temptation they open it… changing their lives completely…

There’s not much more to say without spoilers…I really, really enjoyed this book – the character development and the nuances of personality change exhibited over time by the findings, are totally believable and make for a great read. I read this book in one sitting – highly recommend!!

I’ve had a GREAT run of reads from Netgalley lately – if you’re an avid reader, but not familiar with the site, head on over to

This one should get 6 stars!!

The Girl Who Lived – Christopher Greyson


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Faith is a survivor – if you can call her that. On the weekend of her tenth birthday, she watched helplessly as her father, sister, best friend, and best friend’s mother were murdered at their lake cabin, before running away to avoid death herself. Despite her claims of an unknown man as the killer, (whom she has nicknamed Rat Face), her father is presumed by police to have committed the crimes before killing himself and the case is closed. As the girl who lived, Faith has since been in and out of psychiatric care, developed a substance abuse problem, and has displayed violent tendencies. As the book opens, Faith is hospitalized, but is about to be released back into the community w/ outpatient psychiatric care and parole visits.

Despite warnings to the contrary by her therapist mother, one of Faiths first visits is to a bar, where she downs several shots of whiskey. As she’s leaving the establishment, she sees Rat Face drive by – and he sees Faith as well. But her reports are met with skepticism by the local police. Only Henryka, an FBI agent, appears to take her seriously.

And so begins a novel with so many serpentine twists and turns, you will be racing through the pages just to see what happened next. Every character carries out actions leading you to wonder if they are friend or foe – all racing up to a dramatic conclusion that you can’t even conceive of… Un-put-downable!! I’m still reeling… This is the second novel I’ve read by Christopher Greyson, and it will not be my last! A MUST READ! Fabulous!!

Bring Me Back – B.A. Paris

Bring Me Back – B. A. Paris


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Finn McQuaid is an investment financier of sorts with a prestigous company in London, run by his good friend Harry. He is in a relationship a woman named Ellen, who is actually the sister of a girl he loved and lost long ago, named Layla. 12 years ago, he and Layla were returning home to their cottage after an evening out, and Layla disappeared from a rest area while Finn was using the rest room. No trace of her was ever found.

Now, 12 years later, strange things begin happening that make Finn believe that not only is Layla alive, but that she wants to see Finn. Fist, an elderly former neighbor is convinced that he’s seen her standing in front of their old cottage – empty since the night she went missing, and a memory Finn has not been able to bring himself to sell. Then Ellen thinks she catches a glimpse of her sister in a nearby village. Then the miniature dolls begin to appear.

The story vacillates between past and present, and is told from the point of view of the various characters – Layla reveals the truth about what happened that night, and Finn begins to feel as if he is being forced to choose between the two sisters.

Then, Ellen disappears and Finn rages a frantic search to find her – only to discover that nothing is as it seems, and everyone is a suspect…
This is a novel that sucks you in, and keeps you turning page after pages far into the night, because it’s too good to put down – culminating in a twist you’ll not expect and never see coming! My first read from B. A. Paris, but certainly not my last!!

Desperate Girls – Laura Griffin

Desperate Girls – Laura Griffin


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Brynn Holloran is a top-notch attorney, who, once a prosecutor, now makes her living as a defense attorney. She is busy preparing the defense of a young man who is accused of murder, when she learns of the death of a judge and former colleague of hers, Jen Ballard. Coincidentally, she learns of the escape of a serial rapist and killer that she and Jen had once worked hard to convict. And another police officer who worked the case is found dead.

Alarmed by the escape of James Corby, Brynn’s boss hires the security services of the elite Wolfe Security Services to keep his team safe. Brynn feels the around-the-clock protection is intrusive and unnecessary; yet finds herself unwillingly attracted to one of her body guards, Eric Morgan.

Then another team member is ambushed and severely injured and the security team goes on high alert. Tensions and passions run high as Brynn and Eric are forced to spend even more time together. As they review the case against James Colby, the question arises of planted evidence… Is Colby avenging a set up? And can Wolfe Security keep Brynn safe?

I first discovered Laura Griffin a few years ago, when I read several novels of her Tracers series. But with so many authors to read and so little time, she somehow fell off my ‘reading radar’. Thanks to Netgalley, she is right back on top, and well within my sights again! A great read!! I’m looking forward to more of the Wolfe Security series!! I love stories like this!!

Release date 07 Aug 2018

The Real Michael Swann – Bryan Reardon

The Real Michael Swann – Bryan Reardon


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

It’s an idyllic summer day in a suburban neighborhood, and Julia Swann is home with her children and a couple of her close neighbors are with her. Her husband it commuting from NY City, and they share a couple of innocuous phone calls as he attempts to get home. But there’s been a brush fire and the commuter trains have been stopped. During a third call to his wife, Michael Swann vents his frustration, only to have the call suddenly drop without warning. Despite the relative normalcy of a dropped call, Julia is very unsettled and inexplicably frightened.

Shortly thereafter the news comes out – a bomb has been detonated at Penn Station – hundreds dead, hundreds more injured, and Julia has no word on Michael’s whereabouts. Frantic with worry, she attempts to approach the scene, only to be turned around by police. As she waits for news, she remembers different aspects of their many years together, reliving the night they first met, along with other milestones throughout their marriage.

Meanwhile, a man survives the explosion and staggers out of the wreckage of Penn Station, still clutching his briefcase. But he has no memory of whom he is, or where he’s from. As he finds his way to safety, his thoughts are shared with readers as well. But now, for reasons unknown, law enforcement have set their sights on Michael Swann as a possible conspirator.

As Julia struggles to find news of her missing husband, and an unknown man struggles to learn his identity, this book carries you off into a tremendous journey, full of fear, love, betrayal, bewilderment and ultimately hope. I was staggered by the last several pages of the novel – in fact my assumptions were so wrong, I had to go back and start from the beginning – and so many questions remain! A fabulous, edge-of-your-seat read!

Face Off – Brenda Novak

Face Off – Brenda Novak


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Evelyn Talbot returns in this next installment of the Hanover House series!
After surviving a near-fatal attack by her then-boyfriend Jasper in high-school, Evelyn Talbot has made psychology and studying the psychopathic mind her life’s work. All her work has culminated in the building and opening of Hanover House, a maximum-security prison for psychopathic minds. Built in remote Alaska, Evelyn hopes to study psychopathy, in better attempts to understand these individuals, and to hopefully find areas in which they can be rehabilitated.

Jasper Moore is Evelyn’s old high school boyfriend. Remaining free, and killing indiscriminately for the last 20 years, Jasper has never stopped thinking about Evelyn. He has, through plastic surgery and a new identity, gained employment at Hanover House, in hopes of laying claim to her and finishing what he started all those years ago.

Amarok, Evelyn’s love, is an Alaskan State Trooper, though initially in opposition to the building of Hanover House, has fallen in love with her, and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. When bodies begin to appear in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Amarok & Evelyn fear that Jasper has indeed followed her to Alaska. But he is so very much closer than either of them suspects…

I LOVE this series! I LOVED this book! It’s a fabulous concept, and each of these books has kept me reading non-stop late into the night, with the lights on! Non-stop action, suspense and drama, and all the reader wants to do is reach through the pages and shake Evelyn to let her know what’s coming!! Awesome read!!

I also have to add this side note, that it was interaction with Brenda Novak herself that lead me to Netgalley, and the amazing opportunity to receive ARC books and write reviews. I know my writing has a long way to go, but I again, am so grateful for the opportunity to read (one of my most favorite things!)and review! Thank you again Brenda, for pointing me in the right direction!!

Lost Creed – Alex Kava

Lost Creed – Alex Kava


Ryder Creed is back again along with his dogs, and is busy working Scout, a newer acquisition, at a training facility when he receives a text, regarding an incoming phone call – ‘it’s about Brodie’ is all he’s told. Brodie, his sister, disappeared from a rest area in Nebraska, over 16 years ago, and he’s never given up searching for her, or trying to discover what happened to her.

Maggie O’Dell, meanwhile, is deep in a cornfield as the FBI stealthily gets ready to merge onto the property of a suspected human trafficker. As they swarm the property, they capture a single man attempting to escape. But the house has been cleared – they were somehow warned that the FBI was coming. And then, on an innocuous board filled with pictures, Maggie spots a picture of Brodie, Ryder’s missing sister.

From that point on, the two join forces as the investigation into human trafficking continues and the search for Brodie intensifies. To say more would likely provide spoilers, so I’ll stop here. But, as with all of Kava’s work, this book is amazing, full of suspense, and un-put-downable! She ranks high on my all time favorite author’s list! A must read!!

If you only read one book that I recommend, read this one!! And then go pick up the rest of the Ryder Creed and Maggie O’Dell books. I found this author after the publication of her first book back in 2001, and I’ve NEVER been disappointed!