Lost Creed – Alex Kava

Lost Creed – Alex Kava


Ryder Creed is back again along with his dogs, and is busy working Scout, a newer acquisition, at a training facility when he receives a text, regarding an incoming phone call – ‘it’s about Brodie’ is all he’s told. Brodie, his sister, disappeared from a rest area in Nebraska, over 16 years ago, and he’s never given up searching for her, or trying to discover what happened to her.

Maggie O’Dell, meanwhile, is deep in a cornfield as the FBI stealthily gets ready to merge onto the property of a suspected human trafficker. As they swarm the property, they capture a single man attempting to escape. But the house has been cleared – they were somehow warned that the FBI was coming. And then, on an innocuous board filled with pictures, Maggie spots a picture of Brodie, Ryder’s missing sister.

From that point on, the two join forces as the investigation into human trafficking continues and the search for Brodie intensifies. To say more would likely provide spoilers, so I’ll stop here. But, as with all of Kava’s work, this book is amazing, full of suspense, and un-put-downable! She ranks high on my all time favorite author’s list! A must read!!

If you only read one book that I recommend, read this one!! And then go pick up the rest of the Ryder Creed and Maggie O’Dell books. I found this author after the publication of her first book back in 2001, and I’ve NEVER been disappointed!