Calling all suspense lovers!!

Her Last Word – Mary Burton


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Kaitlyn Roe cannot forget – fourteen years ago, after a gathering with her teenaged friends, she stood helplessly by while her cousin was abducted in front of her by a masked man – and she ran. Gina’s body was never found. Now, an older, sober, and focused Kaitlyn has returned to Virginia in an effort to discover, once and for all, what happened to her cousin that night.

Kaitlyn has plans to bring attention back onto Gina’s disappearance in the form of a podcast. She has been making waves in her hometown, requesting interviews from all that were involved in the events of that night – including her ex-boyfriend, Randy Hayward, in hopes of jogging old memories and perhaps discovering new information. Randy was a suspect in Gina’s disappearance, but never charged – he presently sits in jail on an unrelated charge. She has captured the attention of the local police department, and Detective John Adler.

But she has also captured the attention of someone else. First one of Gina’s friends is found dead. Then, another disappears, and Kaitlyn is injured in an ambush attempt, with her assailant vowing to ‘finish at a later time’. But who would want all of Gina’s friends dead? And why?

I very much enjoyed this suspense/mystery novel from Mary Burton and look forward to reading more from her. Being fond of series type characters, I’d absolutely LOVE to see Kaitlyn & John’s story carry over into future books. Engaging characters, page turning suspense, some sweet romance, and an old wrong made right make for a perfect beach or rainy day read!