You can’t go wrong with J.A. Jance!!

Duel To The Death – J.A. Jance


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Ali Reynolds returns in Jance’s newest novel! In the prologue, we meet Frigg, an Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’, who seems to demonstrate the ability to grow and think beyond her programming. When her creator Owen is defeated by Stuart Ramey, a member of High Noon Enterprises, Frigg senses her imminent demise, and makes some moves ensuring her prolonged existence. Unprovoked, she transfers money, in the form of bitcoin, to Stuart, recognizing his efforts as altruistic, and hopeful that he will re-activate her to gain access to the funds.

Meanwhile, in Panama, a young woman, who’s father is the head of an international drug cartel, and whom managed Owens less-than-legal offshore accounts, recognizes the transfer of assets to Stuart, and recognizes that Frigg must have arranged the transfer. Eager to get her hands on the A.I. herself, she drafts a letter to Stuart, detailing the ‘gift’ of monetary funds, and the need for certain codes to gain access to the funds, betting that he will have to re-activate Frigg to gain those codes.

Meanwhile, strange things begin to happen. A man posing as a building inspector gains access to High Noon and leaves bugs around the offices, only to mysteriously perish later. Stuart, stunned by the ‘gift’ Frigg has bestowed on him, realizes that he needs to reactivate her, to gain access to the money for tax purposes. When Frigg comes on line, she assists High Noon in putting all of the pieces together, shutting down a cartel, and solving some old crimes as well.

I LOVED this book, as I love all of Jance’s work, and I can only hope that Frigg is here to stay in future Ali Reynolds novels! What a creative and great idea Frigg is!! A wonderful, all-in-one-sitting kind of read!!