Her Mother’s Grave – Lisa Regan

Her Mother’s Grave – Lisa Regan


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Josie Quinn is the acting chief for the small police department of Denton, PA. Having recently arrested and jailed a drug dealer, once thought to be a pillar of the community, she has had her hands full with petty nuisances and bogus ‘Craigs List’ ads, presumed to be a result of the high profile arrest. While dealing with one such problem, she receives a call of human remains found in the rear of a local trailer park, which catapults her headfirst back into a life she thought she’d left behind.

As a kid, Josie had grown up in the trailer park, the only child of a cruel and sadistic mother. When the unearthed body is identified as a teenaged Belinda Rose, Josie realizes that the death has even greater implications than first thought – as Belinda Rose was also her mother’s name. So why did the real Belinda Rose die, and who was Josie’s mother before she assumed that identity?

As the investigation mounts, Josie is forced to revisit her childhood and painful experiences that she would rather leave buried. Told in snippets of Josie’s past and present, we learn that nothing is as it seems and, as sometimes the past returns with a vengeance – and nothing will ever be the same…

This was my first exposure to the works of Lisa Regan and it absolutely will not be my last. Full of twists and turns, along with complex relationships, this is everything you could want in a police procedural. I love Josie Quinn and cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series!! Great read!!