Cold Dark Places – Kylie Brant


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Little Eryn Pullman was only a child when her uncle found her beside her mother’s dead body, bloody knife at her side. Placed in an intensive inpatient psych hospital, Eryn grew up known as a murderer, but with no memory of the incident. Now, as a young adult, Eryn is being released into her Uncle’s care, no longer considered a danger to others…but people remember…

Cady Maddix is a Deputy Federal Marshall, who’s returned home to North Carolina to help care for her ailing mother. She’s fresh off the capture of a wanted felon, when she’s awakened from sleep by a phone call. A child molester and murderer has escaped from a nearby prison, and she’s needed for the assembling task force. Cady has her own childhood demons as well.

Ryder Talbot is the County Sheriff for Haywood County, and is also a member of the law enforcement team assembled to track Samuel Aldeen. He and Cady team up as they attempt to catch a killer, who remains in the area, and seems to stay just a step ahead of law enforcement. But what is Aldeen after? And why?

A top-notch mystery novel that’s grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go! The characters are intriguing, complex and likeable, and Cady is the perfect rough and tough female cop!! I loved this book, and I Can’t wait for more of Cady and Ryder! Grab this book and settle in for a long read! You won’t be disappointed!!

The Dreamers -Karen Thompson Walker


I was fortunate to receive this advance reader copy of the book from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Mei is a freshman, who is still settling in to college life at the school nestled in the small California town of Santa Lora. Introverted, Mei is dismayed at the friendships that have formed without her and doesn’t have much of a relationship with her roommate Kara. That is why, when Kara falls ill, Mei thinks nothing of her sleeping in – not until she arrives back at the dorm to find Kara still asleep, and unarousable. Thus begins the ‘sleeping sickness’ as it becomes known to outsiders.
A few days later, the sleeping sickness takes another victim, and another. Soon the kids find themselves quarantined in their dorm, while the other kids are whisked away, out of Santa Lora. Meanwhile, the number of victims multiplies, and the CDC becomes actively involved. Remaining unarousable, the victim’s arrear to be dreaming… The town becomes isolated with military personnel manning the borders while physicians search for the cause and the cure.

As the afflicted increase in numbers and the rest of the world watches the news in fear, one of the victims awakens, talking of dreams he had that a fire would release the rest of the victims from sleep. Some remember dreams of things past, while others of things presumed to be future, and others no dreams at all. Others still have experiences that makes them question all that they are…

While this book was not quite what I expected, I loved it, and it is a story that resonates long after the final page is turned. Full of rich writing, and philosophical questions, it makes one wonder about the fine line between dreams and reality…