The Crooked Street – Brian Freeman


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Frost Easton is back in what could be his most dangerous assignment yet! Years ago, Frost and best friend Denny parted ways over a girl. Frost hasn’t seen him since – until his doorbell rings, and he open the door to find Denny there – and he collapses in front of him, managing to utter one word before his death… ‘Lombard’.

A Detective with the San Francisco PD, Frost quickly learns that there was nothing ordinary about his ex-friend’s murder, as he was killed with an unusual poison. Tasked with the investigation, Frost learns that Denny owned a large yacht in the area and was known for his high-profile cruises with the elite. But why would anyone want him dead?

Shortly afterward, he meets PI Dick Coyle under unusual circumstances, as Dick believes Denny was killed by a serial killer. Initially Frost is skeptical, but an unusual finding quickly changes his mind, and he and Coyle join forces in the search for a killer. But Frost quickly learns that he has caught the attention of a very powerful person, who will stop at nothing to keep his secrets. Unable to trust anyone, not even his chief, Frost attempts to take down the mysterious Lombard…or he’ll die trying…

A fabulous new read from Brian Freeman that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief long after the book is finished. Non-stop, edge-of-your-seat adventure – I dare you to be able to put it down before the last page is turned!! Simply awesome!!

Watcher In The Woods – Kelley Armstrong


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

This novel was a very pleasant surprise!! Even more so when I learned that it was part of a series! I can’t wait to become fully immersed in Rockton and its people!

Rockton, buried deep in the Yukon of Canada, can’t be found on any map. There’s no internet or cable, and electricity and other desirables are carefully rationed. It is a small society, full of persons who need to hide, some seeking asylum due to crimes committed, others are victims, in a sanctuary of sorts, shielded from those who seek to harm them. It’s an invisible town, run by ‘the council’ and policed by Sheriff Eric Dalton, along with Detective Casey Duncan and a deputy. People have job assignments, sign on for specific spans, and there’s even a militia, who patrols the borders and keeps people safe within.

I’ve surmised that this story starts shortly after a prior one ends – a townsperson has been shot, with a bullet lodged in his back, and no doctor among them who can extract it. Casey’s estranged sister is a neurosurgeon – and she and Eric head out on a supply run and use the time to intercept her to see if she’s be willing to help. Much to Casey’s surprise, she agrees, and unbeknownst to the council, they sneak her into the compound. Meanwhile, a US Marshall has been found sniffing around the grounds, but is unwilling to share with Casey & Eric, who or what he’s after. Then he’s shot dead, leaving the duo to investigate the possibilities. Just what was the Marshall up to? Who can Eric & Casey trust? How much can ‘the council’ be trusted in a place where no one is who they claim to be??

This book was actually quite good!! I love the references to, and mysteries of both Casey’s and Eric’s past, as well as the crimes or situations that have brought some very colorful characters to Rockton. Certain characters, although bad people, resonated with me, and others intrigued me. I cannot wait to read more of Eric & Casey’s adventures, as well as backtrack to put the missing pieces together. Definitely an intriguing series, and well worth the read!!

The Boy – Tami Hoag


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Detective’s Nick Fourcade and Antoinette ‘Annie” Broussard are back in this newest installment from Tami Hoag.

In sleepy Bayou Breaux, Louisiana, a young boy is found brutally murdered in his own bedroom, while his mother somehow witnesses the assault, yet survives, and is able to flee the home and summon help. Detective Nick Fourcade is called to investigate the scene, while Annie Broussard heads to the hospital to connect with the surviving and grieving mother.

As the investigation begins and the team dives into the lives of Genevieve Gauthier and her now deceased son KJ, startling facts come to light. KJ’s father is in absentia, and KJ was often left with a 12-year-old daughter of a schoolmate, who is now missing, as Detectives look to interview her. With the town up in arms over the present events, the team must consider the mother as a suspect in the crime, as well as search for an elusive killer.

Meanwhile the new regimented police chief, Kelvin Dutrow knocks heads with Nick every chance he gets, threatening to fire not only Nick, but Annie from the team. And a grieving father lashes out at Fourcade and the department, convinced that his disabled daughter’s sexual assault investigation is being neglected for the murder.

Did Genevieve kill her son out of frustration and despair over single motherhood? Or is a far more sinister explanation awaiting discovery???

I have been reading books Ms. Hoag for the last 25 years, and I have to say this was one of her best yet!! She just keeps getting better!! With rich, dynamic characters, intriguing settings, and complex storylines, this book, like her others, kept me up far into the night! Un-put-downable! Whether you’re a long-standing fan, or new to Tami Hoag, this book is an absolute MUST READ!!!

Her Pretty Bones – Carla Kovach


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

A young man is traveling along a country road in rural England, when a back door of the van in front of him suddenly opens, and a girl’s body falls out in front of his car. As Toby steps on the brakes, and calls for help, the van continues on its journey, seemingly unaware of what has transpired.

Despite it being her weekend off, Detective Inspector Gina Harte is called in to work the case. Fresh off her most recent case, and a dangerous assault at her home, Gina is still struggling a bit with anxiety, and with her short-lived relationship w/ her commanding officer DCI Briggs. As she and partner DS Jacob Driscoll meet at the hospital in hopes of interviewing their victim, they learn that the only words she’s uttered are ‘help her’. But who is she referring to??

Shortly after the investigation begins, a body is found buried in a shallow grave on a recently sold piece of property. As the two cases run concurrently, forensics are able to identify the young women, and the team makes a startling discovery, which links the two cases together. And nearby, a desperate mother is searching frantically for her missing daughter…

This was my second Carla Kovach novel featuring Gina Harte and it will NOT be my last! This was a GREAT read! Full of action, suspense and drama you come to expect from mystery/police procedurals, I had a very hard time putting this one down!! Time to read the one I’m missing, as I eagerly await more of DI Harte from Ms. Kovach!!

More Than Bones – Craig David Singer


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Newly minted Doctor Emily Norton is Baltimore bound as she is preparing to start her surgical residency. Freeing herself from her religiously tyrannical father, and determinedly agnostic herself, she rents an attic bedroom in a flamboyant home owned by Mr. Norton Wharton, a large imposing man who surprises her with a super effeminate voice. As she settles in, she begins to get to know Norton’s eclectic friends, including the elderly gentleman next door, Frank Norton and his cat, Helga. Despite just meeting her, Frank gifts her with a rare piece of jewelry, and the admonishment to wear it always. Initially, Emily wears it to appease the older man, but all to soon removes it and adds it to the neckline of an old skeleton that adorns the corner of her rented attic.

As Emily begins her residency and its challenges, she finds comfort in a fellow female resident, Mondra, as she finds herself championing for the underdog. She befriends a young woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer and does her best to assist an under privileged patient escape a hospital bill. Tending to a young man’s lacerations after a motor vehicle accident, she draws the ire of his father – a powerful community businessman, and in a series of unfortunate encounters Emily finds herself fired from her residency and scorned by the community she has just started to call home. At the same time, her fiancé tells her he has met another girl and wishes to end the relationship.

As Emily’s world comes crashing down, she eyes the skeleton wearing its charm and replaces it around her neck. Almost immediately, things begin to change…. Is it magic? Or an old curse of kings? Or coincidence?

A sweet story about Emily and a crew of ‘different’ people, and the importance of acceptance, tolerance, self love, and being yourself! I loved this book and its messages!!

An Eye For An Eye – Kerry Wilkinson


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel is back for more in the newest installment if this fabulous series!! As she struggles to come to terms with her fiancés comatose state, and her housemate Bex’s seeming abandonment, Jessica is also honor bound to keep the community safe, even if that includes a call from the English Rockstar Blaine Banner, who believes that he is receiving death threats, despite being unable to provide much credible information. After taking his complaint, she heads for the station only to learn that England’s notorious serial killer, nicknamed “Jaws” is due to be released from prison, and into the Witness Protection Program, in an effort to keep him safe. If that wasn’t enough, the fiancée of a missing person is picketing the police station, and summoning news crews, as she feels the police aren’t doing enough to find the missing ‘Liam’.

In an effort to protect the community, Jess and her team are asked to ‘protect’ Jaws killer Damian Walker from harm, while they also ascertain that he remains in place in his safe house. However, shortly after his release, a new victim is found, killed in exactly the same manner as his prior victims. But…Damian, with his protective detail in place, had not left his home…

As Jess investigates the newest murder, a ghost attacks the Rockstar, and Liam’s fiancée calls the press, creating a media circus in town. Meanwhile, Jess is privately dealing with her own sorrows, and her fear that she’s the reason that Bex left. It’s a wild ride from start to finish as Jess does what she does best – chock full of action, great characters, and a twist or two you won’t see coming!!

I LOVE this series! I had never heard of Kerry Wilkinson prior to joining the Netgalley community, and I have to share that she has very quickly become a favorite author of mine. The best part is – the Jess Daniel series is plentiful! I cannot wait to read more!! Love LOVE these books!!