An Eye For An Eye – Kerry Wilkinson


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel is back for more in the newest installment if this fabulous series!! As she struggles to come to terms with her fiancés comatose state, and her housemate Bex’s seeming abandonment, Jessica is also honor bound to keep the community safe, even if that includes a call from the English Rockstar Blaine Banner, who believes that he is receiving death threats, despite being unable to provide much credible information. After taking his complaint, she heads for the station only to learn that England’s notorious serial killer, nicknamed “Jaws” is due to be released from prison, and into the Witness Protection Program, in an effort to keep him safe. If that wasn’t enough, the fiancée of a missing person is picketing the police station, and summoning news crews, as she feels the police aren’t doing enough to find the missing ‘Liam’.

In an effort to protect the community, Jess and her team are asked to ‘protect’ Jaws killer Damian Walker from harm, while they also ascertain that he remains in place in his safe house. However, shortly after his release, a new victim is found, killed in exactly the same manner as his prior victims. But…Damian, with his protective detail in place, had not left his home…

As Jess investigates the newest murder, a ghost attacks the Rockstar, and Liam’s fiancée calls the press, creating a media circus in town. Meanwhile, Jess is privately dealing with her own sorrows, and her fear that she’s the reason that Bex left. It’s a wild ride from start to finish as Jess does what she does best – chock full of action, great characters, and a twist or two you won’t see coming!!

I LOVE this series! I had never heard of Kerry Wilkinson prior to joining the Netgalley community, and I have to share that she has very quickly become a favorite author of mine. The best part is – the Jess Daniel series is plentiful! I cannot wait to read more!! Love LOVE these books!!