Watcher In The Woods – Kelley Armstrong


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

This novel was a very pleasant surprise!! Even more so when I learned that it was part of a series! I can’t wait to become fully immersed in Rockton and its people!

Rockton, buried deep in the Yukon of Canada, can’t be found on any map. There’s no internet or cable, and electricity and other desirables are carefully rationed. It is a small society, full of persons who need to hide, some seeking asylum due to crimes committed, others are victims, in a sanctuary of sorts, shielded from those who seek to harm them. It’s an invisible town, run by ‘the council’ and policed by Sheriff Eric Dalton, along with Detective Casey Duncan and a deputy. People have job assignments, sign on for specific spans, and there’s even a militia, who patrols the borders and keeps people safe within.

I’ve surmised that this story starts shortly after a prior one ends – a townsperson has been shot, with a bullet lodged in his back, and no doctor among them who can extract it. Casey’s estranged sister is a neurosurgeon – and she and Eric head out on a supply run and use the time to intercept her to see if she’s be willing to help. Much to Casey’s surprise, she agrees, and unbeknownst to the council, they sneak her into the compound. Meanwhile, a US Marshall has been found sniffing around the grounds, but is unwilling to share with Casey & Eric, who or what he’s after. Then he’s shot dead, leaving the duo to investigate the possibilities. Just what was the Marshall up to? Who can Eric & Casey trust? How much can ‘the council’ be trusted in a place where no one is who they claim to be??

This book was actually quite good!! I love the references to, and mysteries of both Casey’s and Eric’s past, as well as the crimes or situations that have brought some very colorful characters to Rockton. Certain characters, although bad people, resonated with me, and others intrigued me. I cannot wait to read more of Eric & Casey’s adventures, as well as backtrack to put the missing pieces together. Definitely an intriguing series, and well worth the read!!