Steel Resolve – BJ Daniels


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Mary Cardwell Savage is a young single woman living in Big Sky, Montana. Beautiful, but aloof, Mary continues to love the man who left her – her best friend and high school sweetheart Chase Steele. After receiving a package in the mail for him, Mary breaks down and pens her feelings into a letter, never intending for it to be mailed.

Chase Steele has come to terms with things. After receiving Mary’s letter, he too realizes that she’s the one he’s never stopped loving, and that it’s time to go home to Montana – and to Mary. However, someone else has read his letter…as he makes plans to set out for home, Fiona Barkley will stop at nothing to thwart his plans and gain his affection as her own….

Fiona has set her sights on Chase as a husband, and she’ll stop at nothing to get him. Believing she’ll soon transfer her affections to another man, Chase vastly underestimates Fiona. But when Fiona’s vehicle has been found in a river, the result of a one car crash, Fiona is presumed dead.

Lucy Carson, newcomer to Big Sky Montana, seems to have incredible luck. Shortly after her arrival, a barista, and tenant in Mary’s apartment, is killed by a hit and run driver, freeing up a job and an apartment for Lucy. A sweet girl, Mary soon becomes fond of her. Then Chase returns to Montana to claim his love – and things start to happen…

This was the perfect mid length story that Harlequin is famous for. A quick but captivating read, even if you know how the end will turn out. I’ve read a few of B.J. Daniels’ stories, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them! I hope to see her in some full-length novels soon – she certainly has what it takes!! Great read!!