The Liar’s House – Carla Kovach


Detective Inspector Gina Harte returns once more in her 4th novel. (And here’s a fervent prayer for many more!).

Still trying to get over her brief affair w/ DCI Briggs, Gina has taken to Tinder to meet some men. She’s trying to coax her latest date, Rex, out of her bed and home, when she receives a call – a young woman has been found murdered, sometime after leaving a party at a neighbor’s home, with signs of violence to her head. As the investigative team starts their work, they learn that the party involved couples swapping their partners for sex, and that Jade’s encounter was observed by an older neighbor, who seems to have a penchant for observing his younger female neighbors. They also learn that Jade’s encounter was a bit rough, and upon trying to locate her partner that evening, they learn he has disappeared. Gina also learns that one of the party-goers is none other than her ex brother-in-law, which complicates her ability to lead the investigation.

Nearby, an older woman, Diane, finds a birthday card that’s been slid beneath her doorway. Presuming it’s for someone else, she opens it and finds its for her friend Samantha – who disappeared with no warning over 7 years ago. Enclosed in the envelope, she also finds a fingernail, painted with the shade of polish that Sam always wore. Frightened, she calls the police. Gina responds to that call and takes the items for forensic evaluation. When forensics links the two separate cases together, the investigation shifts into high gear.

Meanwhile, Rex, Gina’s Tinder date, doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer…. And then another woman disappears…

This was a great read!! Love to see these characters grow, and the appearance of the brother-in-law rocks Gina’s world and allows us to see her vulnerability. Full of all the action and suspense you’ve come to expect from Gina Harte, this book will keep you up all night, and leave you wanting for more!! Definitely worth the read and the lost sleep!! Highly recommend!!

I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.