Girl Under Water – LT Vargus & Tim McBain

Charlotte “Charlie” Winters has just arrived at her uncle’s PI office, “A1 Investigations” when a well-dressed young woman comes in, with a troubling story.  Gloria Carmichael is seeking assistance in discovering who killed her father, and what has become of several hundred million dollars that is missing from the Carmichael estate. Gloria confides that she is one of six children, and that the family is not particularly close, with any one of her siblings possibly having an agenda where the missing money is concerned. There’s also the possibility of the man’s mistress being involved. 

Intrigued, Charlie accepts the case, and begins by visiting the Carmichael estate, to see the murder scene, and to meet Gloria’s siblings. As she interviews each family member, it becomes readily apparent that they have had difficult relationships with their father and with one another. Meanwhile Dutch’s mistress, remains very elusive.  Additional questions arise, including Dutch’s missing computer, and the whereabouts of Dutch’s will. Strangely, no one has been able to locate the document. 

As Charlie digs deeper, the case suddenly turns deadly in the form of a hit and run accident outside of Charlie’s office – then Charlie too, finds her life in grave danger. More determined than ever to get to the bottom of things, Charlie sneaks into a gala at the local country club to confront Dutch’s former mistress, who knows a secret or two herself.  Finally, an impromptu visit to a mountain vacation home inadvertently reveals a secret that will crack the case wide open…if Charlie lives to reveal it…

I love this new character, and the at times hysterical dialogue that she has with her deceased sister Allie, interspersed throughout the pages. The reader learns that Allie was a fairly recent murder victim, a crime as yet unsolved – hoping the authors take the series in that direction soon!  If you love strong female protagonists, this is yet another book to add to your reading list! While you’re at it, be sure to look up this duo’s ‘Violet Darger’ series as well! Great reads, all! 

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