Every Vow You Break – Peter Swanson

This was the first book I’ve ever read by Peter Swanson, and it won’t be my last! Oh my goodness, this was a wild ride, for sure!! 

Abigail Baskin is engaged to be married to wealthy financier Bruce Lamb. Raised of hard-working parents of modest means, Abby tells herself that she’s not marrying ‘simple, in a good way’ Bruce Lamb for his money, but she acknowledges contentment with the life she’ll be able to lead going forward. As she’s discovered, Bruce is very generous, even financing her bachelorette party weekend at a vineyard in Northern California, where she happens to meet “Scottie”.

Scottie is attending his own party, a “still a bachelor” party that his friend has thrown, and he and Abigail meet by chance and make small talk late into the evening.  While Scottie’s questions of Abby are quite pointed, she figures she’ll never see him again, and answers them, as she reminisces a bit, giving readers a glimpse into her past. With plenty of wine on board, she makes an ill-fated decision to sleep with Scottie, who terms it ‘one last fling, before the ring’. Ashamed of herself, and fearful Bruce will somehow know, she returns home to New England, determined to put it behind her, thankful that she’ll never see Scottie again. 

Then with life back to normal, and wedding plans in their final stages, Abby sees Scottie in a local coffee shoppe. With her nerves on edge after the sighting, Bruce and Abby marry in a small ceremony, and after the reception, the pictures, and dinner, as they’re walking to their room for the night, Abby sees a shadow, and the flare of a cigarette…

The next day, they head for their honeymoon on a quaint island off the coast of Maine in Casco Bay. Chosen by Bruce for its quaintness, with no televisions, no internet, no phones, very little electricity, and only accessible by plane or boat, Heart Pond Island is a refreshing visit into the past. But shortly after they settle in, Scottie shows up at the resort as well. Then Abby meets another newlywed, Jill whom she bods with, only to have Jill confide in her a story similar to Abby’s own, and her ex is coincidentally also on the island….

To relate any more would be tossing up spoilers, but this book grabs you like a runaway train as it’s racing down the tracks, and even though you think you know what’s coming, you just can’t tear yourself away! I read it in its entirety in one sitting and am still sitting here a bit shell-shocked at the ending. While Abby wasn’t particularly likeable as a character at the books start, by books end, she kind of became my hero!  Definitely well worth the read!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & William Morrow & Custom House Publishing in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit Netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!