Unfinished Business – J.A. Jance

A fantastic new release from the Ali Reynolds series!!

Many years ago, after a fight with his girlfriend Emily, Mateo Vega is arrested for her murder after her body is found a few days later. Despite declaring his innocence, he is the only suspect identified by police. His public defender recommends a plea deal – a few years in prison, versus a potential life sentence.  With nowhere to turn and no money for a defense lawyer, Mateo accepts the plea deal. Now, 16 long years later, he is finally granted parole and released.  Determined to rebuild his life, he reaches out to one time employer Stu Ramey in hopes for a reference. Much to his surprise, Stu helps him land a job. 

Ali Reynolds is holding down the fort while B. Simpson is out of the country on business. One of their many ventures includes the office space rental in the High Noon business complex.  One such client, Harvey McClusky, a self-proclaimed real-estate consultant, has been a notorious slow payer of rent. Presented with yet another bounced check, Ali makes the decision to start eviction proceedings, unknowingly unleashing a very dangerous adversary.  

As Mateo settles into High Noon and his new position and Ali learns of his situation, she and the team become increasingly convinced that he is innocent of Emily Tarrant’s murder. Enlisting the help of JB Beaumont & The Last Chance organization, Ali works to get Mateo’s case re-opened.  Then, Cami mysteriously goes missing…

As Ali and the High Noon team race to find Cami, with the help of the Artificial Intelligence computer, ‘Frigg’, Cami is trying desperately to save herself.  Meanwhile, Ali unexpectedly learns that her father may be dealing with a major health crisis, which her mother has tried very hard to hide from the family. Then, when tragedy strikes, it is all Ali can do to hold on…

This was quite possibly my most favorite Ali Reynolds book yet! When JA Jance releases a book it’s like having old friends who have come to visit, and I have to hurry and catch up on their lives. Then, all too soon, the last page is turned, and they’re gone again, leaving you longing for the next installment of their lives. I loved that fact that JP Beaumont made a cameo in the series – was kind of hoping to see Sheriff Brady as well!!  If you love a great series, and haven’t discovered JA Jance yet, here’s your chance!  She definitely remains at the top of her game!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Gallery Books in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit Netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!