Pretty Broken Dolls – Jennifer Chase

Detective Katie Scott and her canine Cisco return in another adventure in a series that has become one of my favorites to read! 

Katie Scott and her partner Sean McGaven are serving a warrant to search a pond, and if Katie’s guess is correct, to retrieve the victim of a murder. As crews search the waters, she notices an individual outside of the crime scene tape, watching the search…watching her…. Once the body is recovered, she goes in search of him, but he leaves before she reaches him.  

After a weekend off relaxing, Katie returns to work, only to immediately be summoned to the Sherriff’s office, where she again sees the man who was watching her crime scene. He is introduced as Special Agent Dane Campbell and he is here to ask for her assistance in a case that has his agency stone-walled. Acknowledging her cold case solve rate, he is hopeful that she can assist him in finding his killer. 

As he outlines the case – three women who have been killed, each exactly a year apart, garishly displayed with heavy make-up applied, and a piece of jewelry tied nearby with ribbon – he reports that he believes the killer will strike again soon, in keeping with the yearly pattern. As Katie & Sean accept the case, she remains perplexed as to why she’s being asked to assist.  Shortly thereafter, another victim turns up, this one at the local fairgrounds, secured to a Ferris wheel.  

Katie quickly discovers a commonality between the victims, as well as a link to herself – all of the women were former dog handlers for the Army. A visit to her old Army base where she and Cisco first bonded brings back many memories but yields little in the way of clues. As she and Chad revisit the old crime scenes and sift through the pieces left of those broken lives, they find more questions than answers. But the killer is lurking close by and soon, a friend of Katie’s goes missing…can Katie find her friend and identify the killer, before it’s too late? 

This is the sixth in a fantastic, action packed series of novels featuring Detective Katie Scott and her K9 Cisco. Katie is an engaging, spunky and loveable character with her own flaws as she continues struggling to overcome her anxiety & panic attacks resulting from her time deployed, as she excels in the civilian law enforcement world. Cisco – well who can resist such an awesome dog? Filled with all of the action, mystery and suspense you’re looking for in a good who-dun-it!!  Now, as always, I anxiously await the next adventure for this duo!  A great series!! Cannot recommend it enough!

Available August 5th!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Bookouture in exchange for an objective review.