What You Deserve – Alicia Lawson

FBI Special Agent Erin Hastings is reveling in her recent arrest, achieved after ignoring a superiors’ order, when she is called to assist with another couple of unsolved slayings – this time in California, much too close to the hometown she thought she’d fled forever, after discovering that her twin brother, was in fact a killer – a fact that haunts her to this day. 

From the start, Erin seems to be a petulant individual, constantly at odds with her superior officer, Brody – behavior I wouldn’t expect to be tolerated in a rural police force, much less the FBI – but it’s fiction, with the promise of a series to come, so I just kept on reading. When Erin goes to visit her brother and re-establishes a relationship, it was hard not to like him more!

As the investigation heats up, and the team finds a probable suspect, that’s when the storyline really picked up for me!  The plot twists were unexpected, frustrating, but captured my interest as I plowed through the remainder of the novel. I also think the second of the series cannot come fast enough, as there were definitely a few strings left, just waiting to be pulled in successive novels, a vengeful predator in particular! 

Not a bad start for what is sure to be another great mystery series down the road. Hopefully Erin’s character will develop more depth as the series continues – I have no doubt that Ms. Lawson will find her stride!  I look forward to Erin’s next adventure!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Relay Publishing, in exchange for an objective review.