The Drowning Girls – Lisa Regan

Josie Quinn and her family are gathered together to watch the premiere of her sister, Trinity Payne’s new Unsolved Crimes television special, when fellow detective, Finn Mettner, comes to the door looking for Joisie. It seems that Finn’s girlfriend of a year or so, Denton Police’s Press Liaison Amer Watts, may be missing, and Finn is asking for Josie’s assistance. Finn tells Josie that he last saw Amber two days ago, and that a visit to her home revealed some strange things.

As they head to her residence, Finn explains that all of her her belongings, including her cell and purse are in the home, and the phone carries missed messages and call over the two day time period. When they arrive, Josie notices that the batteries are gone from her security camera. Her possible disappearance is complicated by the fact that Finn essentially broke in to her home to check on her. He further explains to Josie that they had fought prior to this apparent disappearance.  Additionally, a strange message was left on her car’s windshield – “Russell Haven 5A”. 

Josie recognizes the reference and immediately assembles the team of detectives, including her husband Noah & Gretchen Palmer. They head for Russell Haven Dam to begin a search of the area, only to have the alarms for a dam opening sounding upon their arrival. A frantic search reveals a head of curls, just before the dam opens. Despite a herculean effort by Josie to free the victim, the young woman drowns. When the body is retrieved, they learn it’s not their missing colleague, but the woman bears a close resemblance. 

As the team goes into high gear, Finn Mettner is sidelined because of his involvement with Amber and his reluctance to share information pertinent to the investigation.  As Josie digs into Amber’s past, she learns that Amber has siblings, with childhoods rife with abuse – is the past a clue to the present?  Can Josie and her team put the pieces together and find Amber before it’s too late?? 

I know I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again – I just love, love, LOVE the Josie Quinn series! When Lisa Regan’s the author, I know I’m in for a long night of reading, because I just can’t put these books down before the final page is turned!  This is yet another suspenseful and captivating read, from a favorite! The series is going strong, and now I once again begin the wait for the next in the series!