One Girl Missing – Carla Kovach

It’s an early April evening when Annabel & Jennifer, friends since childhood, are leaving a pub and walking to their car for the ride home.  Out of the blue, a vehicle comes flying down the road, striking Jennifer. As Annabel looks on in horror and tries to call for help, she is grabbed from behind and shoved into the truck of the car, her last vision of Jennifer, bloodied and still, lying in the street. 

Detective Inspector Gina Harte and her colleague Jacob Driscoll are just wrapping things up for the night, when he mentions that he can’t in touch with his girlfriend Jennifer. As he’s making some coffee, Gina gets a phone call from another colleague, reporting the accident – and the victim’s identity to her – as well as the apparent disappearance of Jen’s friend Annabel. As Jacob heads to the hospital, Gina heads to the scene. 

As the police canvas the area, it becomes readily apparent that Annabel is nowhere to be found. A visit to her home finds Annabel’s father babysitting Cally, her daughter. There Gina learns of an unraveling marriage, due to a husband’s affair and drug use. With a possible suspect in mind, Gina and her team search for Annabel’s husband. A neighborhood canvas brings similar information, along with the possibility that someone has been watching Annabel. Young Cally also is convinced she’s seen a ghost at night in the garden.

As the team searches diligently for Annabel’s husband, his young lover, and potential clues to her whereabouts, Jennifer lies comatose in the hospital, having undergone emergency surgery for head trauma. Remembering their arguments about paint colors for their new home, Jacob is despondent as he helplessly watches her fight for survival…

Told from the perspectives of Gina, Annabel, and the young, infatuated Omar, this is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat, page-turner that kept me up well into the night. I love Gina’s character, and her flaws, and I am hopeful that perhaps she and Briggs still have a chance at love. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!!  Great as a stand-alone as well as in series sequence! 

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