The Last Mile – Kat Martin 

It’s 3AM when an odd sound wakes Abby Holland out of a sound sleep. Still getting used to the sounds her grandfather’s house makes, it takes her a minute to realize that there’s someone inside her home. She springs into action, knowing what the intruder seeks – a map leading to a long-lost treasure, The Devil’s Gold – bequeathed to her by her grandfather, the legendary explorer, King Farrell.  Barely escaping injury, Abby knows she’ll need help to find the gold that she is convinced King discovered before his death. 

Gage Logan is the owner of Treasure Hunter’s Anonymous, and well known for his exploits in finding artifacts and such as well. When Abby comes to his office asking for assistance, he initially presumes that Abby’s map is fake – until he learns that someone tried to kill her for it. Still skeptical, he agrees to look at the map, fascinated by the gold piece that had been included in the box belonging to King. Gage is intrigued and finally agrees to lead an expedition to find the treasure. Despite Gage’s misgivings, Abby insists on being involved in all aspects of the venture – this was her grandfather’s dream and she plans to see it to fruition. 

But danger lurks in many forms as the search gets underway, with the stark and unforgiving Superstition Mountains in their sights, and Abby’s nighttime visitor seemingly not far behind. As Gage & Abby forge a grueling search for Kings treasure, they both fight their fierce attraction to one another – unsuccessfully. But Gage, haunted by the loss of a colleague in the past, has no interest in a future – can Abby change his mind, once and for all? 

This is the second in the Logan brother’s series and it’s every bit as good as the first! I love the story line, I love the characters, and just didn’t want to put it down! Abby is as fiercely independent as Gage and ‘watching’ these two come together is sheer delight.  Coupled with a (almost) perfect ending, and just enough of everything you love in a novel, intrigue, suspense and a little romance, I think you’ll love this one as much as I did! 

 And now the hopefully not TOO long wait begins for Edge’s (and hopefully Skye’s) story that’s yet to come!  

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The Favor – Nora Murphy

A chance encounter in a package store, that was all it took for Leah Dawson to recognize herself in a woman at the counter – the woman as she was nine months ago anyway – before her controlling husband took more and more of her freedoms away.  Only half conscious of doing so, Leah follows the woman home. Upon learning where she resides, Leah watches the home and its female occupant every chance she gets…

McKenna and her husband Zach are both physicians – they met during residency and married after a four-year courtship, settling in the Maryland/DC area. Heartbroken after a recent miscarriage that Zach blames on McKenna’s exposure to illness, he insists that she stop working as they work on starting a family. 

As Leah continues to watch McKenna, the evolving story is told from the perceptions of both women, in alternating past and present timelines, as each comes to grip with the nightmare that they are forced to live in and how they came to be there. When Leah has the chance to save McKenna, she does so instinctively…but at what cost? 

This was a great read! I was engrossed within the first couple of pages and read it in one sitting – it was that good! While flipping pages, one cannot help but cheer these women on as they both struggle to overcome their situations. While I doubt very highly that the outcome would be the same in the real world, it was a satisfying way to end this novel! 

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Dead Against Her – Melinda Leigh

Sheriff Bree Taggert catches a call from a concerned individual regarding the well-being of his elderly neighbor.  With her deputies busy on other calls, she opts to make the visit herself.  Upon her arrival, a quick look around reveals things are quiet – a little too quiet, perhaps.  As she enters the home, the smell hits her immediately, and she cringes, believing the old woman died alone of natural causes. But the sight she finds stops her short – two individuals, tied to chairs facing one another, and both have been shot. As she surveys the scene while waiting for Investigator Matt Flynn, she realizes that one of the victims is none other than Deputy Eugene Oscar, who was recently fired from the Sheriff’s Department because of Bree. The other is his elderly mother. 

As the team processes the scene, Bree & Matt begin their investigation by notifying and interviewing remaining family members, including the former deputy’s uncle. He describes his nephew as a bit sketchy but has no ideas as to who might want Eugene, or his mother, dead. Additional interviews with Eugene’s former co-workers, yield little more, although they discover a possible connection to a group called the Hudson Footmen, a survivalist group. 

Meanwhile, Bree has another headache to contend with. Someone is determinedly harassing her, this time with a picture and a lurid rape fantasy, detailing all they plan to do to her.  Additionally, doctored pictures and video of Bree have been found on Oscar’s computer. During a press conference, she learns that the doctored video has been making the rounds, as a reporter comments on the film. Despite her assertions that they are fake, the story grows, with townspeople and reporters beginning to demand Bree’s resignation. 

As Bree and her team work to solve the murders, the harassment escalates – then Todd, her Chief Deputy – goes missing. As the team pulls out all the stops to try and bring Todd home alive, Bee prays that they are not too late…

This book caught my attention from page one and I finished it in one sitting, because I just couldn’t put it down – it was just that good!!  I love these characters and I’m delighted that it is a# 5 in a series! I’ll be ordering the remainder of the series as soon as this review is completed – I have no idea how I’ve missed Melinda Leigh’s work prior to this!  Easily read as a standalone – but will leave you wanting for more, I promise!! 

Available from your favorite bookseller on May 17th!

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Six Graves – Angela Marston

Detective Inspector Kim Stone is attending a teamwork activity with her homicide team in the British countryside, when a patrol car comes screeching to a stop Two officers from the tactical driving unit exit and instruct Kim that she needs to come with them now, per orders of Captain Woodward. After a spirited argument, she agrees, noting that one of the officers is armed, which is unusual.  Upon arriving at headquarters, she learns that a prolific murderer that she had captured, Symes, has managed to escape from prison. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’ll be coming for Kim.  She is assigned a witness protection officer, Leanne King, to be by her side until Symes is re-captured. She is also forbidden to participate in the search for the killer.

Shortly thereafter, she and her team are called to a homicide scene, where a family of four has been found dead, with the gun found on the floor beside the deceased mother. As Kim and her team dig into the background of this family, they find some interesting family dynamics in the survivors, which leads to more questions than answers. Despite a long history of depression, nothing on the scene indicates to Kim that this woman was planning to kill her family. In fact, they were due to accept a foster child into their home the very next week. But who would want them dead? What is the family not telling them? Why is there a sealed record from years ago? Does it have any bearing on the present? 

As Kim and her team work to find the answers, another member of the family is killed, when she is struck by a car in the street. Finding this latest death too coincidental, the team digs even deeper in their search for a motive which they hope will lead them straight to the killer. Meanwhile. Symes is closer than anyone suspects, just waiting to make his move. He will never forgive her for his capture, or the loss of an eye during that last encounter – and he has absolutely nothing to lose…so when he can’t get to her, he finds a way to draw her to him…but will either of them survive the showdown? 

This is the 16th novel in the Kim Stone series, and yet the first from this author that I’ve read – I loved it! I had no idea this series existed, and I will most definitely be reading more of Kim’s exploits. Easily read as a standalone, but there are references to prior situations that make me want to read the series from the beginning. For me, there’s not much better than a new series to dig into!  I also loved the author’s book dedication to her 93 year-old fan as well!! 

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