Dead Against Her – Melinda Leigh

Sheriff Bree Taggert catches a call from a concerned individual regarding the well-being of his elderly neighbor.  With her deputies busy on other calls, she opts to make the visit herself.  Upon her arrival, a quick look around reveals things are quiet – a little too quiet, perhaps.  As she enters the home, the smell hits her immediately, and she cringes, believing the old woman died alone of natural causes. But the sight she finds stops her short – two individuals, tied to chairs facing one another, and both have been shot. As she surveys the scene while waiting for Investigator Matt Flynn, she realizes that one of the victims is none other than Deputy Eugene Oscar, who was recently fired from the Sheriff’s Department because of Bree. The other is his elderly mother. 

As the team processes the scene, Bree & Matt begin their investigation by notifying and interviewing remaining family members, including the former deputy’s uncle. He describes his nephew as a bit sketchy but has no ideas as to who might want Eugene, or his mother, dead. Additional interviews with Eugene’s former co-workers, yield little more, although they discover a possible connection to a group called the Hudson Footmen, a survivalist group. 

Meanwhile, Bree has another headache to contend with. Someone is determinedly harassing her, this time with a picture and a lurid rape fantasy, detailing all they plan to do to her.  Additionally, doctored pictures and video of Bree have been found on Oscar’s computer. During a press conference, she learns that the doctored video has been making the rounds, as a reporter comments on the film. Despite her assertions that they are fake, the story grows, with townspeople and reporters beginning to demand Bree’s resignation. 

As Bree and her team work to solve the murders, the harassment escalates – then Todd, her Chief Deputy – goes missing. As the team pulls out all the stops to try and bring Todd home alive, Bee prays that they are not too late…

This book caught my attention from page one and I finished it in one sitting, because I just couldn’t put it down – it was just that good!!  I love these characters and I’m delighted that it is a# 5 in a series! I’ll be ordering the remainder of the series as soon as this review is completed – I have no idea how I’ve missed Melinda Leigh’s work prior to this!  Easily read as a standalone – but will leave you wanting for more, I promise!! 

Available from your favorite bookseller on May 17th!

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