I Remember You – Brian Freeman

This was a WILD ride! 

Hallie Evers is a down-on-her-luck marketing freelancer living in Vegas and she’s having a horrible 4th of July. She’s just been fired from her current job, and her boyfriend of two years has left her for her best friend and roommate – so now she’s essentially homeless as well.  Feeling pretty despondent at the rooftop party she’s attending, she decides to snort a line of coke. She then wakes up in the hospital, after suffering a cardiac arrest. Fortunately for her, a party attendee, who happened to be a physician, saw Hallie fall and provided resuscitative measures. 

As Hallie absorbs the implications of what has happened, she notices her head feels strange. In response to her nurses questioning, the only description she can give is that she feels ‘crowded’. When her nurse asks if she had any visions, she describes seeing Poseidon with his trident.  Mystified as to its significance, she shrugs it off. But then, the vivid dreams start – and soon she sees people following her. As she is the daughter of a paranoid schizophrenic, Hallie begins to fear for her sanity. 

A next day call to her agent yields a potential high paying job. As Hallie goes to interview, she finds herself mesmerized by the photos he has displayed in his office. The scenes in the photos are very familiar – she can still taste the lobster she had at an eatery there.  The only problem is…she’s never been to Boston in her life…. And the dreams she’s having each night – they seem so familiar somehow – like she’s watching someone else’s life. 

With no idea what’s happening to her, Hallie eludes her perceived pursuers and makes the journey to Boston in hopes of learning the origin of these strange memories she has and the dreams that plague her at night. Is this a slow descent into madness due to a psychiatric illness – or something a lot more sinister??  

I have loved Mr. Freeman’s work since picking up his first novel all those years ago, and I have NEVER been disappointed. This story is no different, a page or two in and I was already hooked – and had work not intervened, would have easily read it in one sitting.  Hallie’s life experiences, and the adventures that follow her death and resuscitation make for a fascinating, frightening and fabulous read!! 

Available from your favorite bookseller on August 9th!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, along w/ Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!