Three Small Bones – Jennifer Chase

In the darkness of night, a lone figure busily pours accelerant around an old empty home, before setting it ablaze. The house is a total loss when the fire department is done extinguishing the flames, but then, a startling find is made in the basement. 

Detective Katie Scott is busily painting the walls of her cottage, while Cisco, her K-9, steals paint brushes and runs through the house in play. She’s a bit torn as she struggles with the decision to sell her home, as she and fiancé Chad plan for their wedding and a life together.  Her thoughts are cut short by a phone call – she’s needed at the scene of an arson. A partial skeleton has been found buried in the basement of the destroyed dwelling. 

As Kate and her partner McGaven arrive, they are led into the basement where a skeletonized arm is visible above the dirt floor. When forensics finishes the excavation, they find two adult bodies, and shortly thereafter, two children’s bodies are discovered nearby – but one was buried recently, the other appears to have been in the ground much longer – 25 years longer…. Was the fire an unrelated event? Or did someone want those bodies found? 

As the team gathers and begins their investigation, they await identification on the bodies. First person on their list of suspects is the landlord. He sets off Katie’s radar right away, but when he winds up dead of an apparent home invasion, the team needs to regroup. Unexpected things start happening to those who were on the scene that day, leading the team to believe that they are being targeted…  As Katie and the crew slowly unravel the complexities of the case, it becomes very apparent that someone does not want these murders solved… 

I can’t say enough about this series – these books just get better and better. Katie & Cisco are a force to be reckoned with and are fan favorites in this household!! These are books you can pick up without ever skimming the back, because you know they’re going to be that good!  Love, love LOVE this series!! 

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