The Soulmate – Sally Hepworth

Pippa and Gabe, along with their young daughters Freya & Asha, seem to be living an idyllic life in Portsea, Australia, with an oceanside cottage in an area called Millionaire’s Walk by the locals.  Perched atop a seaside cliff, their views are magnificent.  As the book opens, Pippa explains to her readers how she is happily married to the man she calls her soulmate, and she expounds on the various qualities of his personality, one of them being his ability to talk people off of a ledge – literally.  Millionaire’s Walk is also home to ‘The Drop’, a high cliff occasionally used as a suicide site by those in pain.  However, since Pippa and Gabe moved in, he has successfully thwarted all attempts made, by talking – and listening – to those who come to The Drop with plans of death. Tonight, is one of those nights, as the family spots a young woman walking along the cliffs.  As Pippa calls the police, Gabe heads out to speak to the young woman, in hopes of changing her mind and getting her away from the cliffside. As Pippa looks out the window to check on Gabe’s progress, she’s horrified to see him standing at the edge of the cliff, arms outstretched…the young woman nowhere in sight. 

As the police investigate, Pippa discovers that her husband has not been entirely honest with the officers – or with her. She soon comes to realize that Amanda was the wife of Gabe’s former employer – therefore the two knew each other. Did Amanda jump? Or did something else happen entirely??  Told from the perspectives of Pippa in ‘then’ & ‘now’ segments, and Amanda via ‘before’ and ‘after’ timelines, the reader takes a wide-eyed journey into the lives of these two seemingly separate couples, their lives, loves, desires & troubles, all culminating in an absolutely wild ride!! I read this in a single sitting – I just could not put it down!!  

Available April 4th from your favorite bookseller!

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