The High Tide Club

The High Tide Club – Mary Kay Andrews


Josephine Bettendorf Warrick is an old reclusive heiress who resides in her pink mansion on the family owned island of Talisa, off the Georgia mainland. Home to her family for generations, the 99 year old Josephine is determined to see that the island falls into the rightful hands of her descendants, and not the state of Georgia, which wants the island to create a state park. Seemingly out of the blue, she contacts local attorney Brooke Trappnell to assist her in this endeavor.

The book vacillates between past and present – and the reader is introduced to ‘The High Tide Club’, a small group of girls who became fast friends in the early 1940’s, and together have kept a secret for their entire lives. Estranged over the years, Josephine asks Brooke to summon the women, or their descendants, to the island, so that she can make amends, as Josephine wants to deed her island to them.

But, before the will is signed, Josephine is found dead, and the makings of a legal battle appear to develop, as distant relatives appear and attempt to make a claim. But Brooke and the group of women she’s assembled research the past, and make some startling discoveries about Josephine, her friends and the events of 1941 which created an unbreakable bond for these four women…

This was a very enjoyable read, with the story being told in both past and present times, and the reader only learns of the challenges, sacrifices and heartache the women faced as the novel culminates with some twists you won’t see coming! A great rainy day read!