Caged – Ellison Cooper

Caged – Ellison Cooper

I was fortunate to receive this novel from as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.


Oh my goodness, this book is phenomenal!!

On a warm spring night, two patrol officers are sent to an empty home to investigate a bad smell. What they find is a young girl, deceased, imprisoned in a cage with a puppy, but not before a rigged shotgun, set as a booby trap, seriously injures them both.

FBI Special Agent Sayre Altair is a neuroscientist. She is presently conducting research on convicted serial killers. Her goal is to find whether or not serial killers have differences in brain structure from those of ‘normal’ people, via MRI scanning. She is tapped to be the lead investigator on the ‘cage’ case, and is joined by the pompous, but highly regarded profiler, Andy Wagner.

All too soon, it becomes apparent that there is another victim somewhere, caged, that needs to be found. But nothing is as it seems, and promising leads turn out to be red herrings. As Sayre and her crew race against time to solve the case, they match wits with an incredibly cunning killer, who will stop at nothing to deceive investigators and achieve a goal. And then a third girl goes missing…

Absolutely freakin’ fantastic!! A definite MUST read!! Best book I have read this year!!