They Won’t Be Hurt – Kevin O’Brien

They Won’t Be Hurt – Kevin O’Brien (4 stars)


I was fortunate to receive this novel from as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Scott Singleton, a former football player turned evangelist, is found dead in his home, along with his entire family, the apparent victims of a homicidal rage. The prime suspect, Joe Mulroney, the property caretaker, reportedly found the carnage, after having slept in his apartment all night, not hearing a thing. Held in protective custody by the police as they seek to find evidence to charge him, but he escapes their surveillance with the help of his friend, Vic. Now presumed guilty, there is a massive manhunt ongoing for the two men.

Laura Getchell is a retired teacher, and she and her husband Sean now own and operate a winery in Leavenworth, WA. Sean has just left for a business trip out of the country, and Laura and three children remain home. As she watches the television of the Singleton murder, she can’t help but cringe. Shortly thereafter, she hears someone at the front door, twisting and turning the knob, then eyes peering at her through the mail slot – eyes she recognizes from the television coverage an hour ago. Then she hears glass breaking…

As Laura’s children are held hostage, Laura finds herself forced to leave them behind as she takes a trip to seek out proof of Joe Mulroney’s innocence. As she looks for the person Joe sends her to find, it soon becomes apparent that the Singleton murder was anything but random – and that someone will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets safe…

I enjoyed this novel, as I do all of Kevin O’Briens work! The story was a bit slow in places but picks up speed rapidly once it becomes apparent that this is more than just a random home invasion. As I followed Laura’s odyssey, and the good versus evil intent that seems to dominate the relationship of the home invaders, I found myself anxious to flip the pages – in hopes that Laura and her family are reunited, safe and sound. Great story, and a good ending!!