She Lies In Wait – Gytha Lodge


I was fortunate to receive this advance reader copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

On a sunny afternoon, a young girl is running through the woods to avoid her father and settles into a small hollowed area she finds near a tree. A stick digs into her side and as she goes to remove the offending object, she realizes it’s a skeletonized finger…

DCI Jonas Sheens is cycling when he receives the call for a homicide. As he listens to the details, he realizes that the remains may very well be those of Aurora Jackson, a young teenaged girl who disappeared after a party, over thirty years ago.

Assisted by DC Juliette Hanson, Jonas revisits the past and reopens a long cold investigation. When Aurora disappeared, she was in the woods, camping with her older sister, and several teenaged friends. As the interviews begin, those same teens, now adults, begin to tell subtly different stories, yet all of them continue to dent knowing what had happened to Aurora that night. A teacher with a fondness for his students was also in the area that night – could he be the suspect they’ve been seeking? Or is there a killer in the group of teens from 30 years ago? As Jonas and Juliette fight to bring Aurora’s killer to justice, a killer will do anything to keep his secret… Jonas learns the answer to a long-ago question of his own, as well…

I very much enjoyed this English mystery! Told from the past and present, you experience Aurora’s last night in increments, as Jonas and Juliette unravel the mystery here in the present. A great read, with many side plots that will keep you guessing until the end…

Due out in stores Jan 8, 2019!! Don’t miss it!!

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