Deranged – T.J. Ragan (5*)


I was fortunate to receive this novel from as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Jessie Cole is a ‘kick-ass’ private investigator who manages her own business. Presently, she is attempting to assist a friend in regaining his memory by researching his past. Along with her office manager, the hyperactive Zee, she scratches out a living doing what she loves, occasionally accompanied by boyfriend Colin Grayson, a detective.

Ben Morrison, presently estranged from his wife, is using her office as a place to bed down as he searches for his elusive memories. Injured in a motor vehicle accident years ago, Ben struggles with amnesia, and still has no idea of the kind of person he was ten years ago. Together, he and Jessie have learned some disconcerting facts that suggest a highly dysfunctional home environment, with a parent in jail.

Meanwhile, a serial killer has come to town, and begins leaving victims in his wake – young women with dubious backgrounds – along with a telltale sign. As Jessie attempts to help Colin with this newest problem, a killer sets his sights on Jessie…

This was the first book I’ve read by TJ Ragan, but it will not be my last, and I cannot wait for the next one! This is the third in a series, and as it leaves some cliffhangers, I am going to presume that they should be read in order. Fabulous read, genuine in-depth characters, and more than enough intrigue to keep you reading well into the night!

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