Follow You Down – Michael Bradley

Follow You Down – Michael Bradley


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Neil Brewster is a successful defense attorney for a large firm in Manhattan. Known for his cut throat work ethic and his desire to succeed, Neil does what it takes to be the best and never looks back. Engaged to a founding attorney’s daughter, he is poised to become the next partner in the prestigious firm.

Out of the blue, he receives an invitation from his boyhood friends to meet and renew their friendship at the summer camp they attended in their late teens. Neil has no desire to renew old friendships, and no plans to accept the invitation, but a call from one of the guys convinces him to do just that.

Upon arriving at Camp Tenskwatawa, Neil reunites with his old camp buddies. He also catches a glimpse of the camp owners’ daughter, Sammy, whom he had a quick fling with in his last days of camp. Seeing her is a pleasant surprise and as the guys put him at ease, he realizes that it was a great idea to return after all. They spent the first night around a campfire, beer in hand, reminiscing about their camp escapades, and their torment of Stinky Bateman, a fellow counselor. Then, things start to happen…

The story is told in present time, and in snippets the past, and the two storylines culminate in a way you’ll not expect or soon forget! A great read from Michael Bradley, and one I highly recommend!

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