Silent Suspect – Kerry Wilkinson (5 *****)


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Coming right off the heels of Wilkinson’s last book, Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel is back, and resuming the search for her housemate Bex, still missing after the events of the last novel. Jessica receives a phone call one night from a phone box, and the caller says one word, Jess’s name, and the line goes dead. Jess is certain that it is Bex’s voice, and she traces the call to a phone box in nearby Blackpool.

Upon arriving in town, Jessica surveys the phone box, and finds a missing persons picture, that looks very similar to Bex. She calls the number on the photo, and connects with Peter, the missing girl’s brother. They agree to meet, spend some time walking around town and talking, then head their separate ways. When Jess awakens the next morning, it’s to DCI Ashley Fordham’s knock on her hotel room door. Peter has been found dead, she was the last to see him alive, and there’s fresh blood on her car. But whose?

While Jess pleads her innocence, the police are appropriately skeptic, and she launches her own investigation. She connects with another young woman at Peter’s workplace, who then mysteriously disappears as well. Coincidence? Or is someone setting Jessica up for a murder charge.

Not knowing who to turn to, Jessica calls her old friend Andrew, who comes to her aid. Now being sought by the Blackpool police, Jess narrowly misses capture, and in a race against time she and Andrew work to unmask the real killers – and discover a human trafficking operation in the process…

Another fabulous read from Kerry Wilkinson. I discovered her books completely by accident on, and I am hooked!! I cannot wait to read the remainder of this series!! Completely un-put-downable!! Make this your next read!!