The Last Second – Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Nicholas Drummond & Michaela Caine are back, as they become embroiled in a case that may result in the Earths destruction…

Astronaut Nevaeh Patel, formerly of NASA, is now the CEO and President of Galactus, a private company that has excelled in flawless launches into space. Grounded by NASA after experts disbelieved her story of extraterrestrial contact while on the International Space Station, Nevaeh has one goal – to either return to space, or to provide an opportunity for the Numen, a highly intelligent species that saved her from drifting off into space on a spacewalk, to descend to Earth. Is she truly in touch with other life? Or suffering from a psychiatric break??

It’s launch day at The Guiana Space Center, and the Galactus 5 rocket is on the pad and in its countdown. Unbeknownst to anyone, the payload, a satellite, has been loaded with plutonium, and Nevaeh has altered its trajectory. When the satellite doesn’t respond to ground control, it is presumed lost, due to a faulty system.

Meanwhile, Galactus owner Jean-Pierre Broussard is out on his yacht, the Griffon, in the Strait of Sumatra, where he has discovered the remains of the Flor de la Mer, a ship that sunk in these very waters over 500 years ago and was rumored to be carrying the Holy Grail. As the object of his search is brought to the deck and revealed, a traitor is drugging the evening meal, and the item is very quickly stolen, before a ballistic missile is fired that strikes the ship and her sleeping crew. Amongst the crew is Grant Thornton, friend of Nicholas & Mike, now missing and presumed dead with the disappearance of the Griffon from radar.

As Nicholas & Mike search desperately for the Griffon and their friend, the clock is ticking on Nevaeh’s plan to detonate a nuclear bomb in space. But can they put the pieces of the puzzle together in time?? A heart-pounding new thriller from the ‘Brit in the FBI’ series. This one will keep you up well into the night!! Great read!!