The Bones She Buried – Lisa Regan


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Detective Josie Quinn is frantically attempting to bake a dessert in hopes of impressing boyfriend Noah Fraley’s mother, but all attempts are in the rash as Noah arrives to pick her up for their evening. Fretting about arriving empty handed, they arrive at the house only to find the front door ajar, the home ransacked, and no signs of Colette, Noah’s mom. As they search the house, they spot her outside on the ground by the garden, with no pulse to be found.
Starting CPR, Josie quickly realizes that Colette’s death was no accident – her mouth and throat are packed with soil from the garden.

Devastated by the turn of events, Noah withdraws, while Josie goes into ‘cop’ mode – determined to find justice for Colette – but who would want her dead, and why? And what were they looking for inside the home? Her own search of the home yields a clue – a small bag containing three strange objects; a belt buckle, an arrowhead & a flash drive, labelled Brant.

As Josie and fellow Detective Gretchen Palmer identify the recipient of the flash drive, they discover that he had his brother disappeared under questionable circumstances. Then the Brant brothers surviving sibling is killed, and her home razed…but what is it that the killer trying to hide?? As Josie frantically searches for answers, a killer will do anything to keep secrets hidden – and he’s much closer than anyone imagines…

Another great read by Lisa Regan featuring Detective Josie Quinn, and as usual, it was hard to put this book down! The storyline hooked me from the start and kept me reading well into the night! A fabulous, ‘lighter ’series to get your ‘mystery’ on…looking forward to many more Josei stories from Ms. Regan.