Her Deadly Secrets – Laura Griffin


Kira Vance is a private investigator, who works for fellow investigator Ollie Kovac. Having secured some info on a high-profile case that may help the defense, she’s enroute to Atty Brock Logan’s home, where a pre-trial meeting is ongoing, to drop off the file…information that may help clear Logan’s client, a respected physician accused of killing his wife. As she arrives and settles into the informal meeting, the doorbell rings – Ollie, expecting a food delivery – goes to answer, only to be shot point blank in the chest. In the ensuing mayhem, Kira dodges a bullet by diving behind furniture, and the killer is gone before anyone can react.

With Ollie dead, and Brock wounded, Kira is determined to find the person who killed her mentor. Assumed to be an attack related to the ongoing case, Logan’s firm hires bodyguards from Wolfe Security, and Logan hires Kira to replace Ollie. Kira’s bodyguard is Jeremy, a former military special forces soldier, who takes his job seriously. Too seriously, to Kira’s thinking…

As Kira investigates Ollie’s death, a visit to his office reveals little as they discover someone has been there before them. The office has been ransacked and little is salvageable. Kira does find a notebook with surveillance notes, but written in Ollie’s shorthand, they make little sense. As she and Jeremy attempt to identify the subject of Ollies interest, and his killer, neither can deny the growing attraction between them…

A solid storyline and two strong-willed leading characters, along with drama, suspense, sexual tension and hearty supporting characters make this book impossible to put down! Laura Griffin is an author whose work I will pick up immediately, without needing to read the back cover, as I know I’m always in for a great read!!!

I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

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Hi there! I am Mel and I love to read!! My favorite genres are typically mystery/thriller, adventure/suspense and occasionally chick lit/romance stories (when the mystery/thrillers get to be too much, which isn't too often!) I have just started to write reviews for Amazon, Goodreads and this blog, although I am a novice to blogging, so THIS is a work in progress - as you can see the reviews are numerous and the true blogs are few - I'll hopefully be improving on that as time goes on!! I'm looking to network, give some newer authors some exposure and to perhaps explore myself a bit in this whole process!! I am a critical care turned CDI nurse, recently transplanted to coastal Florida, from New England. (Would love to assist with medical/hospital verbiage/scenes for authors!) I love a great cup (or pot) of coffee, day trips, visiting state parks and other nature made places, and exploring/photographing wildlife. And birds...I am a HUGE bird/nature nerd!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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