Far Gone – Danielle Girard

Hannah Visser is a young teenager who has just arrived to babysit an infant when she is witness to the parents being shot by a lone gunman. Out of sight at the time of the killer’s entrance, she takes refuge in a closet, where she sees the killer approach the baby’s bassinet, before saying something and leaving. Terrified, and high on pills she’s just obtained from a dealer, she thinks she recognizes the voice of the shooter – she’s heard it before, but here? Fearful for the infant’s life and her own, she grabs the baby, the homeowner’s purse and keys, and heads to safety, wherever she can find it. 

Kylie Milliard is the lone Detective on the Hagen, NC police force, and chances to answer the 911 call that comes in from a breathless female reporting the murder. As she and fellow officers’ race to the address, dreading the scene that lies ahead, Kylie realizes she never got the name of the caller, nor her role in the discovery of the bodies.  Upon reaching the scene, they find the female victim clinging to life, and they also quickly realize the couple’s infant daughter is missing. When Kylie notices a smear of blood on the bassinet, she’s hopeful for a suspect, but the DNA result just creates more questions. 

Lily Baker is the nurse working in the small ER clinic that night, along with Dr. Visser, Hannah’s father. It’s a busy evening, made even more so by the arrival of the shooting victim, who dies shortly after arrival despite their best efforts. Lily is still recovering emotionally from a years old ordeal of being held captive for several months, with only scattered memories of the event. As she steps outside to take a 10-minute break, she notices a car in the lot with a woman inside – the woman then lays a bundle on the asphalt and asks Lily to care for it – it’s a baby. 

As Hannah struggles to find safety, Kylie investigates an ever confusing and heartbreaking case, with an unexpected and painful connection to Lily. Told from the perspectives of these three women, this book is guaranteed to hook you from the first page and will keep you up well into the night. It wasn’t until I completed this book that I learned it’s actually the 2nd in a series which goes into much greater detail regarding Lily & Kylies respective pasts, so you can bet I’ll be reading that novel next!  I’m a big fan of Ms. Girard’s ‘Dr. Schwartzman’ series, and I’ll be adding this series to my must read list as well!  Great read!!

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