The Wife Who Knew Too Much – Michele Campbell

Thirteen years ago, young Tabitha Girard chanced to meet Connor Ford – she, a ‘pool girl’ working at the local country club, and his family were members of the same club. Being worlds apart economically, they had nothing in common, but young love was not to be denied, and they carried on a whirlwind summer romance until Connor’s grandmother caught them together and angrily sent Tabitha on her way. 

Now, Connor is making headlines as the husband of the infamous Nina Levitt, so Tabitha is stunned to see him walk into the Baldwin Grill where she’s a waitress – even more so when the hostess seats him in her section.  Shocked and seemingly elated to see her again, Connor asks Tabitha is she’ll meet after work to catch up on things. Turns out he’s in town investigating a potential business venture and is staying at the home of a friend – a night of talking reveals that being the husband of a famous woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Tabitha and Connor start their relationship once more.

As Tabitha waits impatiently on the sidelines, Connor desperately searches for a way out of his marriage without forfeiting all of the money that he’s married into – until the fateful night after a 4th of July party finds Nina floating in her pool, a presumptive victim of suicide…leaving Connor free to be with Tabitha. But an evolving set of circumstances lead police to re-open the investigation…with the suspicion that Nina was murdered. 

As Tabitha – now Tabitha Ford – tries to adjust to the jet setting life Connor leads, he is equally determined to remain above suspicion. But then Nina’s diary turns up – and its’ words leave Tabitha speechless – and turn her world upside down. Now she must discover if anyone in the household can be trusted – or if her whole world has become a well-orchestrated lie…

This is one of those books that hooks you right from page one and keeps you frantically turning pages just to find out if you’re right (or in my case wrong!) about the roles of each character you meet inside the cover. This one kept me up well into the night (yes, I know, many of my books do) because it was just that good!!  Highly recommend!! 

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