Her Ocean Grave – Dana Perry

Detective Abby Pearce may be new to the Cedar Cliff’s Police Department on Martha’s Vineyard, but she’s no stranger to the area. Having grown up on the island, a traumatic event in her teens had her leaving for the mainland as soon as she could, where she became a first-rate homicide investigator for the NYPD. Then her partner was killed right in front of her, and she turned to alcohol for solace, and lost everything she loved. 

Now she’s newly sober, and eager to prove herself to her peers on Martha’s Vineyard, when the call comes in that a teenaged girl is missing. Samantha Claymore hasn’t been seen since she took off for a bicycle ride around the island and never made it home. The daughter of a cosmetic company entrepreneur & socialite, there are fears for her safety, and those fears are realized when a ransom demand comes in. 

As Abby and their team conduct their investigation, Abby delves into Sam’s background, learning of her ambivalence regarding the accident that took her father’s life several years ago, and the resulting fear of water.  A review of her computer reveals little information, but an encrypted file piques Abby’s interest. Surveillance video shows Sam out shopping before her mysterious disappearance, and her best friend Bridget has little to add, other than to tell Abby that Sam wasn’t convinced her father’s death was an accident. 

As Abby digs deeper, she uncovers a few more disappearances over the last several years, all young women, who were presumed to be runaways or had drowned.  Visits to their family members reveal strange reactions, an unwillingness to talk, and her Chief is less than enthusiastic when she considers the possibility of a connection.  Then, Bridget disappears…and Abby becomes even more convinced that there’s something very wrong here on the Vineyard…

This was a great start to a new police/detective procedural series, starring a very flawed young woman who is trying to rebuild her life and regain some trust after some devastating personal losses. I loved the character, I enjoyed her support cast, and I very much hope to see them all return and develop in the next installment of what looks to be a great forthcoming series!! If you’re a series lover like I am, this is. Must add to your reading list!! Highly recommend!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Bookouture in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit Netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!