The Gossip – Nancy Bush

MacKenzie ‘Mac’ Laughlin is a former police officer, who left the small River Glenn police force due to her mother’s cancer diagnosis and the constant, unwanted, advances from her boss, the Police Chief. Still drifting along, trying to decide where she wants her life to go, she finds herself intrigued when an acquaintance, Bibi, asks for her assistance in locating a missing friend. Rayne has been missing for a week, and while she’s been trying to dodge a rent payment, this disappearance is uncharacteristic for her. Bibi knows that Rayne was secretively seeing someone, and suspects that Rayne’s ex, a bad boy named Seth, may be responsible. 

While on an initial stakeout of Seth, Mac runs into Jesse James Taft, a local PI, who also appears to be watching Seth. When Mac asks questions, Taft is evasive, but the two exchange numbers, meet for an impromptu dinner, and soon enter a partnership of sorts to assist one another.  Jesse is well into discovering a drug running operation, and Mac’s assistance is invaluable. 

Meanwhile, the killer, identified as Chas, decides that Bibi too, has to go. Fearful of that Rayne might have revealed about him, he ambushes her in her garage, beating her severely, before devising a way to make it look accidental. As the investigation into the deaths of the two friends continues, Chas sets his sights on some other potential victims – one of whom is Mac…

The premise of this book is good – a beleaguered teen who grows up exacting revenge on his tormentors, and in the spur of the moment, a killer is born. I struggled with a lot of the introductions and dialogue as characters were introduced – it didn’t flow all that well for me and at times I had a bit of trouble following the story and which character went where – the assisted living versus the fitness place, etc. I very much enjoyed the characters of Mac and Jesse and hope to see them together in future endeavors as they are quite likeable.

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