The Last Goodnight – Kat Martin

Kade Logan is a ranch owner in the outskirts of Coffee Springs, Colorado and the car of his late wife has just been pulled out of a local lake. Heather Logan had been missing for a couple of years, having presumably run off with a lover, before her decomposed body was found in a shallow grave, and now, years later, her vehicle has been unearthed. Kade vows to himself that he will avenge her death. Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Bowman is a private investigator for Nighthawk Security, and she’s in the office today at the request of her boss, Conner Delaney, to assist on a new case. As she joins the meeting, she is introduced to Kade, who wishes to use Nighthawk Security’s services to help him discover Heather’s murderer.  A bit surprised at Ellie’s youth, Kade none-the-less accepts her expertise, and she arrives to the ranch undercover as a cook. 

As Ellie starts digging into Heather’s past, it becomes apparent that she had relationships with some of the men in town, including the sheriff, unbeknownst to Kade. When a head of cattle is found dead, there’s some concern, but when a second is found, along with the deliberate destruction of a mine on the ranch property, it becomes apparent that Kade is deliberately being sabotaged. But by who? And why? 

As things heat up between Ellie & Kade, the saboteur gets bolder as well, first shooting a beloved member of the family and then a ranch hand. Then another young woman is found murdered in a similar fashion to Heather, with no apparent connections, giving Ellie other avenues to pursue.  A visit to Vail, Colorado indicates that both women engaged in somewhat risky behavior – the pursuit of extramarital affairs – and Ellie & Kade gain some vital clues. But now a killer has set his sights on Ellie…

A good, sexy, suspenseful read from one of the greats!! The perfect rainy day or poolside read!! 

Available 10/26/2021

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Kensington Books, in exchange for an objective review.