Better Off Dead – Lee Child & Andrew Child

There’s just something about a Jack Reacher book… 

In this latest adventure, written by both Lee Child and his brother Andrew, Reacher is on foot, somewhere in Arizona, as he heads west toward the coast. He comes across a jeep that appears to have hit a tree, and notes the female driver slumped across the steering wheel. As he walks closer to assess the situation and to check her for injuries, she suddenly sits upright, holding a pistol straight at him, wanting to know where Michael is…

That is just the beginning of Reacher’s unanticipated involvement in discovering the whereabouts of Michael, a former military bomb defuser, now in the clutches of Waad Dendoncker, a former civilian contractor for the Army believed to have turned domestic terrorist. As Reacher gains the trust of Michaela, former Army, and Michael’s twin sister, she begins to explain how he came to find her that morning.  Needless to say, his interest is piqued and he really has nowhere he needs to be, so he decides to lend his assistance. 

Dendoncker is the owner of a catering service that services high profile aircraft & private flights by providing food and attendants – but believed to be a cover for so much more. Piece by piece, Reacher & Michaela gain information – then Michaela goes missing – leaving Reacher determined to find her…and perhaps stop a weapon of mass destruction as well.

Filled with all of the action we’ve come to expect from a Reacher novel, I almost felt like I was reading sequences from a Steven Seagal movie script at times. That is not a complaint – just Reacher doing what Reacher does best. Action-filled, suspenseful and colorful, I read this one in one sitting, and now start the long wait for the next! You just can’t go wrong with a Reacher novel!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Random House Publishing Group, in exchange for an objective review.