The Darkwater Girls – Maegan Beaumont

Wow! This book took me on a ride and a half! Fantastic! 

Georgia Fell is a young woman who grew up in the foster system after being abandoned as an infant on Angel Bay Island, MI. Known as the ‘Angel Bay Baby’, Georgia was the islands’ golden girl before she left without warning, after an unexpected betrayal by Lincoln McNamara, the boy she thought she loved.

Ten years and a military stint as an MP later, she has returned, after the unexpected inheritance of an island estate belonging to an elderly matriarch. Now an adult, and military trained, Georgia learns that much has changed on the island, including the appearance of biker gangs, Lincoln’s felon status after a murder attempt and incarceration, and a new Sheriff who hails from Detroit, quickly becoming Georgia’s boyfriend.

Out of the blue, she receives a text that spurs her to action – one of her many foster sisters from years past is calling for help, using a code they had as kids. She tells Georgia she’s at Devil’s Den, a dangerous establishment well off the beaten track and overrun with bikers. As Georgia arrives and finds Jenna, she denies having called her. Confused, Georgia heads back out to her truck, only to trip on the body of another foster sister, Rachel, who appears to have been strangled. 

From this point on, the novel takes off like a rocket as Georgia starts asking her own questions and investigating the events leading up to Rachel’s death. But things just don’t add up – she and the Sheriff disagree on the cause of death, and Rachel’s body mysteriously disappears from the hospital morgue, reportedly cremated per family request. Georgia visits Rachel’s family, then loses her brakes and rolls her truck – an accident that appears to be no accident – but who wants her dead and why? Then, another death, and a disappearance, leaving Georgia wondering who she can trust…yet determined to leave no stone unturned…

Oh my goodness, this book was SOOOO GOOD! You’ll be sucked in quickly and find yourself frantically flipping pages to see what happens next. I started this book at bedtime and stayed up half the night just to finish – I couldn’t have put it down in I wanted to! I love Georgia’s character and am eager to see how she’ll develop and how the series will progress! Add this book to your ‘must read’ list immediately – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Bookouture, in exchange for an objective review.