Under Pressure – Sara Driscoll

FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and her K9 Hawk are back as she and her partner Brian & K9 Lacey are asked to assist in an ongoing smuggling case.  Lacey, still recovering from a cougar attack in their last case, is just returning to service, as Meg and Brian find themselves both summoned to the Directors office to learn that they are being loaned to the Organized Crime Program in hopes of assisting the agency tasked with discovering and stopping the cartel responsible for the infiltration of blood or conflict diamonds into the US trade.

The Gov’t agencies have managed to infiltrate the cartel with an agent who has worked his way up and into the smuggling ring. A fellow agent, Kate, who has seen Hawk and Lacey in action on prior cases, is hoping that team can use the dogs to assist in tracking the individual making the diamond hand offs – learning their patterns and methods, and ultimately catching them in the act. 

As Hawk and Lacey prove they are up to the task, key players in the are identified. A chance sighting almost leads to a nab of an enforcer by Meg & Hawk, bur he ultimately gets away, only to show up in the Megs home overnight with the intent to kill her. Only Hawk’s warning and her quick action allow her to prevail – and her assailant is taken into custody – but how did he know where to find her so quickly? 

Meanwhile, Clay McCord, respected newspaper reporter and partner of Meg’s sister Cara, has also been researching the cartel on the sly, hoping for an expose. When he misses a pre-arranged 12 hour check in, Cara notifies Meg and her team quickly assemble in hopes of finding some idea of what has befallen him – but will they find him in time??

I absolutely love this series, and the K9’s who star in these pages, along with their handlers who love them. These are books that once picked up, cannot be put down – they’re that good! Sara Driscoll has a winning combination with these characters – and all the action, suspense, and intrigue that you could want! Now…the long wait until the next is written begins…

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Kensington Press in exchange for an objective review.