What Lies Beneath – J.G. Hetherton

Many years ago, in Hillsborough, North Carolina, a neighboring family was inexplicably murdered in their home, with their young daughter the only survivor. Now, the case has been brought back to the forefront of the news as the state has decided to re-enact capital punishment for the killer, dubbed the shotgun Slayer, with investigative reporter Laura Chambers’ write up making front page news. Laura only has vague memories of the family that lived nearby, but her mother is not pleased about her dredging up the past. 

Leaving her mother’s home, Laura pulls her phone out of her pocket and sees she’s missed 4 calls from a number she doesn’t recognize. As she contemplates that, the phone rings yet again. She answers only to find herself talking to a local sheriff’s deputy who asks her to come to a scene. Puzzled, she heads to an accident scene on the interstate, where a young woman has been struck and killed by a truck, mutilated so badly, she is unidentifiable. The cop, Whitley, demands to know who the victim is & Laura is perplexed as she has no idea – even when Whitley tells her the missed calls to her cell came from the phone the victim was carrying. 

Knowing she won’t be privy to the details of the investigation – Laura uses her sources – and those of her editor – to work her own search into the identity of the dead woman. A trip to the coroner’s office yields some interesting information, and she enlists and old friend to help her track the woman’s last movements – why was she here and who was she was running from? As Laura digs deeper, she finds more questions than answers – then a discovery brings old memories into question, leaving Laura determined to find answers… 

This is the second novel featuring Laura Chambers, following her debut in Last Girl Gone (2018) and it is a stunner!! Told with intricate detail, bold characters and plenty of action and intrigue, I found this book impossible to put down.  Laura is a strong, assertive force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to see what she finds herself up against next.  I know writing a book takes time, but I am sincerely hoping I don’t have to wait long for the next in this (hopefully) series!!  An excellent 5 star read!! 

Available from your favorite bookseller on July 12th!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley & Crooked Lane Books in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!