Missing Angel – Roger Stelljes

It’s a seemingly normal afternoon as 6th grader Isabella Farner packs up her school gear in preparation from the bike ride home across the park. As she begins pedaling away, friend and neighbor Quinn Braddock, a 7th grader, catches up to her and asks her to a party at his house after their respective soccer games next weekend.  Izzy barely has the chance to say yes when a jogger comes sprinting their way, ski mask on his face, knocking both kids down before he scoops up Izzy and runs to a van tossing her inside and fleeing the scene. Quinn, wind knocked out of him, does the only thing he knows to do. He frantically calls his Dad, Manchester Bay Detective Will Braddock. 

Retired FBI Special Agent Tori Hunter is setting up her home office when she gets the call from Will regarding the abduction of Isabella. As the FBI’s Child Abduction expert before her retirement, she is now a special consultant to Shepard County law enforcement agencies, and Will’s significant other. Immediately heading to the scene, she finds a tearful Quinn, and learns all she can from him and his friends, before heading to Isabella’s home to interview her parents. The question – was this a random abduction, or was Isabella targeted? 

As Will & Tori speak with Isabella’s family, there seem to be no red flags, nothing to indicate a kidnapping for ransom. Isabella’s mother is a well-respected pediatrician in the community, and her father is a trustworthy financial advisor.  Neither can think of anyone who would want to do them harm.  But everything the eyewitnesses are able to tell them seem to indicate that Isabella was targeted – but by who? 

As Will & Tori dig deeper, they learn of parallels with two other cases in the general vicinity – instances where children were abducted, never to be found. A suspect was identified in those cases, but there was never any proof.  As Tori looks to him once more as a possible perpetrator, he again has an ironclad alibi. Meanwhile, Izzy’s family receives a ransom demand with proof of life – and a warning not to involve the police, or else…

Another fantastic read from Mr. Stelljes!  I just love this series, and the Mac McRyan series is every bit as good!! While each book is great as a standalone, the character and relationship developments as the stories build are important too – I was wondering how Tori was going to manage retirement when she’s such a driven investigator – I needn’t have worried!  I cant wait to see where this series goes next! Great read! Great series!! I promise!! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley & Bookouture in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit netgalley.com and start reviewing books today!!