Pretty Little Killers – Rita Herron! A GREAT read!!

Pretty Little Killers – Rita Herron


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Korine Davenport was only a child when her father was shot and killed in front of her in their Savannah home. There was never an arrest made in his murder. Now, 25 years later Korine is an FBI Special Agent, who is determined to right that long ago wrong.

Special Agent Hatcher McGee is also searching for a killer – that of his estranged wife. He carries tremendous guilt after ignoring her phone calls about a stalker, because he was in bed with then FBI Cadet Davenport. In the same case, his partner was also critically injured, and remains unable to work. Hatcher has just returned to active duty, after hitting rock bottom himself. His new partner? Agent Korine Davenport.

Both have regrets about their one night together, for very different reasons. Now, thrown together, they attempt to ignore the burning attraction that still exists, as they investigate a series of murders – which all evidence indicates to be a vigilante serial killer, with a grudge. First, a judge, under derision for allowing a rapist to go free on a technicality. Next, a child molester, tied to a tree, emasculated, and left for alligators to consume, after a daring escape from a prison transport bus. Finally, a driving instructor, who liked to molest teenaged girls, but was never convicted of a crime. Found with a bullet wound to his groin, and his hands hacked from his body. All bodies are found with a symbol on them, representing justice.

As the search for a killer continues, passions flare, and Korine & Hatcher discover long buried secrets of her past, leading to a stunning and unforgettable conclusion!!

I LOVED this book! And the best part – it is the start of a series! I look forward to reading more of Special Agents McGee & Davenports adventures!