Another great read!

Deep Zero – V.S. Kemanis

I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.


Dana Hargrove is the District Attorney for Westchester County, NY. As she and her office juggle the busy day to day case of the D. A.’s office, unbeknownst to them, a young girl commits suicide by jumping from the river bridge, leaving an enigmatic Facebook post behind…

Once young Naomi’s body is found, The D.A’s office quickly identifies significant cyberbullying as a possible cause for her suicide. But with no cyberbullying laws on the books in New York, and a grieving family demanding prosecution via news outlets, Dana and her fellow attorneys find themselves in a difficult position as they attempt to find justice for Naomi.

Meanwhile, Dana’s young daughter Natalie, asks for permission to go to a friends home for a sleep over. Unbeknownst to Dana, or her daughter, there is no parental supervision at the house that night, and a post-dance high school party turns out of control, leaving two attendees severely injured, and Dana’s daughter Natalie as the only reliable witness.

This book did a great job touching on the topics of teenaged cyberbullying, and polysubstance consumption, and made for a very enjoyable read. The characters are well developed, the circumstances are very believable, and I found it hard to put down!

This was my first introduction to the Dana Hargrove series, but it will not be my last!