I LOVED this book!!!

Come Home To Me – Liz Talley

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I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Summer, Rhett and Hunt are three typical high school kids whose paths intertwine in this delightful tale of longing, turmoil, regret, self-discovery and love…
Rhett Butler has it all – king of the late night television in L.A., he has it all…money, fame, fortune…then in a single instant, tragedy ensues, causing him to question everything he knows. He grabs a flight back home to Moonlight, South Carolina in attempts to distance himself from events.

Summer Valentine, aspiring singer/songwriter, single mother to teenaged David, has returned home from Nashville to Moonlight, in hopes of allowing her son to cultivate a relationship with his father, Hunter McCroy.

Hunter McCroy was an up and coming baseball star, until injuries, addictions and bad decisions land him back home in Moonlight, working for his father, and attempting to cultivate a relationship with his son David.

Flash back to 2003…ahhh, those high school years, and the all important senior prom…

Summer is the proverbial high school nerd – a straight A student, she’s chubby, introverted, dresses down, and hopeful for a scholarship to continue her education, and is hopeful for a future as a singer/songwriter in Nashville. She has no plans to attend senior prom – no one has asked her.

Rhett Bryan is your typical high school jock, plays sports, great looking, dating the schools most popular girl Greyson, hands down the prom king, yet Rhett has a soft side. He’s nice to everyone. And Summer has crushed on him for years. After an unexpected calculus quiz, Rhett approaches Summer and asks for some tutoring assistance, which she willingly provides.

Hunter is yet another high school jock, strong pitcher, and Rhett’s best friend, who has dreams of making it to the big leagues. And he’s just been dumped by his girlfriend Molly, so now he needs a date for the prom. And Greyson feels that Summer would be the perfect substitute.
Summer has no plans to go to the prom. Engaged in a battle for the valedictorian title with head cheerleader Molly, she just plans to keep her head down and earn her grades. But, Rhett’s girlfriend has an idea. Lets makeover Summer and she can go to the prom with Hunt.

And so past and present collide as these three re-connect, and each of their stories is weaved through both present day and past events…

I absolutely LOVED this novel. I was sucked in from page one and left longing for more when the last page was turned. Liz Talley is an amazing storyteller, and I look forward to reading more of her work!