Hide And Seek – Mary Burton


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

It’s November in the town of Deep River, VA, and a group of men are preparing to tear down an old barn. As they work, a piece of the loft breaks, and a backpack comes spilling out of an old chute, accompanied by some bones, which they quickly realize are human.

Sheriff Mike Nevada is called to the scene. A retired FBI agent, he pursued the elected sheriff’s position as a protest against some mismanagement of evidence, never expecting to win. And now, they may be closer to solving a 15-year-old mystery – the disappearance of then teenager Tobi Turner, who was last seen in 2004.

Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Macy Crow, returning to active duty after a hit and run accident that had almost took her life, is hoping to be assigned to an elite violent crimes squad. When interviewing with the team leader, he offers her a chance to join his team – but first she is sent to Deep Water, VA to assist Sheriff Nevada in the Tobi Turner investigation. And she’s also intrigued by another teen who went missing about the same time, who by all accounts, ran away.

As Macy & Nevada work the case, it becomes increasingly clear that they are searching for a serial rapist turned murderer. As the investigation heats up, a new body is found, and VICAP identifies several other related cases. Was this the work of a stranger passing through – or is the perpetrator close by and planning to kill again??

This is the second book by Mary Burton that I’ve read recently, and I have LOVED them both. Great characters, great chemistry, and a great storyline that will keep you reading well into the night. I could not put this one down!! Awesome characters! I hope Macy & Nevada stick around for a while. I’d love to see a series!!